Bauer: Obama’s made a mess of alliance with Israel

Israel supporter Gary Bauer says its “obscene” that the Obama administration seems unable to distinguish who’s attacking who amid a rash of terror attacks on individuals in Israel.


In a month-long outburst of violence, Palestinians – with the support of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas – have been randomly stabbing grandmothers, children, and bystanders, driving vehicles into crowds, or carrying out other forms of terrorism. But instead of condemning the often murderous Palestinian terrorist attacks, the Obama administration has responded by calling on both sides to calm down.


State Department spokesman John Kirby said: “We recognize that incitement can go both ways here. Whether it’s action or rhetoric, it’s things that encourage others to continue this cycle of violence.” And Secretary of State John has urged both side to “exercise restraint” to bring the violence to an end.


“There’s no cycle of violence. There’s vicious terrorist attacks by young Islamic men attempting to kill Jews,” responds Gary Bauer, director of the Christians United for Israel Action Fund.


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