Ban Ki-moon’s New Climate Envoy Supports Divestment From Fossil Fuel Companies

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A new “special envoy” on climate change appointed by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – the fourth in seven months – has voiced support for divestment from the fossil fuel industry, which she accuses of helping to fund global warming denialism.

Read More: Ban Ki-moon’s New Climate Envoy Supports Divestment From Fossil Fuel Companies | CNS News.

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  1. L. Logan

    We cannot say, WE HAVE NO SIN. M. Taylor remarks we have sown righteous seed as a “church” but in a republic the people govern by elected representatives! To many times we slough off our responsibility on the “liberal” political leaders WE have elected. But they rigged elections and were bought by special interest groups and our judges were corrupted, you say. Church leaders were bought to stay quiet by 401.3c tax free benefits too. Oh but that’s LEGAL! OH BUT IS THAT MORALLY ETHICAL WHEN YOU ALLOW THE LIBERALS TO MURDER CHILDREN IN THE WOMB BY STAYING SILENT SO YOU WON’T LOSE THE TAX BENEFITS??? Does 60 MILLION ABORTIONS SINCE 1973 IN THE US mean anything to God?I would think a resounding YES for of such is the kingdom of heaven! Let’s put the slaughter in a historical context of what Christianity has preached through the early centuries and what various kings have done as a matter of “policy” to those claiming themselves Christian. CHURCH WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!! The “first recognized” Christian leader was Constantine in the 4th century AD. He had himself proclaimed as Pontifex Maximus…ROME WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!! The BIG CON. declared himself as GREATEST PRIEST???Yes, because all Emperors held that IMPERIAL OFFICE TITLE. Imperial “offices” of diocese is a DISTRICT. In the Western leg of Roman rule the Bishop of Rome claimed for himself the Holy See (overseer) as the VICAR or representative of Christ. The various “bishops” of other areas or cities had long contended about doctrine and sought influence over their kings and the Imperial Roman authority. Just as the local governors and EMPEROR DISPUTED WITH EACH OTHER within the VAST ROMAN EMPIRE differences arose among the BISHOPS and they PARTED WAYS DOCTRINALLY. THEY SOUGHT INFLUENCE OVER THE EMPEROR AND KINGS in their areas. Emperor Diocletian in 293 AD had divided the vast empire between West and East. Rome was the western leg capital and Nicomedia and later Byzantium/Constantinople the eastern leg capital. Rome had long had PAGAN EMPERORS which regularly slaughtered Christians, not because they attacked the Roman rule but because their teachings of love and unflinching loyalty to Christ was turning the empire upside down! How could the emperor hold his power if Rome’s citizens would not join his army to fight off Germanic hordes or in the East fight off the Persian Parthians, the empire would collapse! Diocletian was one of the last Emperors to persecute Christians but he did NOT RESIDE IN ROME BUT NICOMEDIA IN ASIA MINOR. Christians did not fare any better in those far eastern kingdoms Rome COULD NOT CRUSH because there various pagan religions held sway such as Zoroastrianism. Generally POLICY WAS TO MARTYR CHRISTIANS BOTH IN WESTERN ROMAN AREAS AND IN THOSE EASTERN AREAS UNDER THE PAGAN KINGS!!! Constantine changed all that in 313 with his conversion …right?? No not really. Now various sects turned on each other with Catholicism fighting to dominate as Queen of the 7 hills in Western Europe and The Byzantines taking on a more Greek nature and Patriarchal leadership adopting the Chalcedonian creed over the Nicene creed both of which Monophysite and Syriac- Palestinian sects disliked. Constantine in fact was baptized on his deathbed by an Arian priest Eusebius of Nicomedia home to the royal court residence. The true Apostolic church was no where to be found in these “royal courts of intrigue” of the two legged iron kingdom of the “Roman” Empire. The Apostolic Christian bishops wanted nothing to do with these political gold diggers of strife and dissension and quite truthfully considered them as pagan as the religions they assimilated and the Imperial court continued to literally war against. Soon they found these politicized churches with their christianized pagan rituals they embraced persecuting them! In the eastern Orthodox “church” new Ecumenical Councils were held to change the first Council’s edicts at Nicaea. Doctrines, liturgy and ecclesiastical authority were were bandied about until the POLITICIZED “GRECO-ROMAN CHURCH RUPTURED IN THE GREAT SCHISM IN 1054!!! The German tribes had ravaged the west and humiliated it’s bishop who begged the Gothic king to spare Rome of being sacked again. Eventually they converted. The eastern Byzantine Empire fared no better as their cities were raided including Nicomedia. The western Emperors started employing Goths in his auxiliary legions to fight against the migrating and warring Eastern Germanic Goths from the north Baltic and southern Black Sea areas. Aurelian defeated them in the Battle of Naissus and assimilated them into the Roman territory and “his army.” The tactic bought the Western Roman Empire a couple centuries more of rule. By the 4th century AD, MOST OF THE ROMAN ARMIES BECAME COMPLETELY GERMANIZED INCLUDING THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE ARMIES! The GERMANIC Goth warriors like to sport SKINS IN THEIR DRESS. These generally were the LION, PANTHER AND BEAR as these BEASTS were considered lords of the forest and plains. The more conservative elements of western and eastern royal courts considered them BARBARIC, BEASTIAL. In the 7th century the empires now had a NEW MENACE THAT STRIPPED PALESTINE FROM THEIR CONTROL, ISLAM! The Arabian Islamic horde swept across most of Arabia and under first the Rashidun caliphs took areas in today’s Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Armenia, Iran and the fractured Roman provinces in North Africa in Egypt and Libya! The successive Umayyad caliphs pushed into modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, central Asia, India and Algeria, Morocco and Iberian Peninsula of modern day Spain Portugal and part of Gaul of modern day France by 750 AD! The western Roman Empire was unable to mount any real resistance. The inhabitants either were to SUBMIT TO JIHAD, PAY THE JIZYA TAX or die!!! The western Roman church had no Catholic kings to mount forces strong enough to resist much less defeat Mohammedan forces who crushed the iron kingdom both WEST AND EAST LOST TO THE SWORD OF ALLAH’S ISLAMIC POWER. Christendom like the Roman Empire didn’t die in truth by these Bedouin Arabs and their auxiliary Muslim forces such as the Moors BUT BY HER OWN INTERNAL WARS, BY SELF INFLICTED SUICIDE AND MURDER OF THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH. She was NO LONGER THE CHURCH OF THE GOSPEL, spirit filled and proclaiming the power of Christ name because she murdered those Apostolics and ABANDONED THEM TO THE SLAUGHTER THOSE SHE COULD NOT CONTROL OR REACH EVEN HER BYZANTINE ORTHODOX BROTHERS!!! The Byzantines had expended themselves in the Byzantine- Persian Sassanid Holy War to destroy the Zoroastrian “fire worshippers” and Byzantine Emperor Heraclius temporarily took back Jerusalem in 629 to restore the True Cross to Jerusalem. The zeal was powered by holy relics supposedly from Christ cross other than the gospel of love and Holy Spirit. THE DARK AGE CURTAIN WAS DRAWN BY the “Great Roman Empire itself,” as it saw wars, plague and famine through destruction of commercial trade descend upon Europe and the Near East. Churches were converted to mosques and Christian libraries destroyed. The peace and “pall of the grave” hoovered over Syria and Palestine with the Golden Dome Shrine of Omar marking Islam’s conquest of the Holy Mount. Islam continued it’s assault on Europe. Frankish king Charles Martel stopped their push and probing raids at Tours in 732.It is sad that history is said to be written by the victors of WAR BUT THAT IS THE FACT OF “CATHOLIC EUROPE”. She continued to call for kings she crowned to rid the continent of her Muslim attackers and for any other heretic claiming to be Christian for that matter. The Catholic kings of Spain finally drove the Muslims from Spain and Portugal. She recovered Sicily and Malta. The “Germanization of WESTERN Europe” continued with the Pope declaring a Holy “Roman” Empire. In 1054 the divide between East and West became so great over recovering the Holy Land and WHO WOULD RULE JERUSALEM the GREAT SCHISM CAME TO A HEAD. The popes called for HOLY CRUSADES TO RETAKE THE HOLY LAND and JERUSALEM. No real discussion on the Byzantine Empire has been made here but they continued to battle the Islamic hordes for 700 years as the SECOND ROME OF CONSTANTINOPLE REFUSED TO CEDE DEFEAT! “GREEK” ORTHODOXY FOUGHT FOR JERUSALEM ALSO! The Ottoman Turks finally conquered Constantinople in 1453. Rome did not come to her aid because she was another heretic to be disposed of. The Turks to mark their conquest now converted the Hagia Sophia into a mosque! Obama was well near lying when he called Islam a RELIGION OF PEACE!!! They are a dynamic POLITICAL RELIGIOUS SYSTEM with expansionist AMBITION TO RULE THE WORLD BY JIHAD BY THE SWORD OF ALLAH FOR ISLAM! Can Rome reclaim HER CHILDREN FROM THE SCHISM AND REFORMATION? It is unlikely though she still tries with her ECUMENISM TO SWAY HER DAUGHTERS WHO HOLD TO HER NICENE CREED. For the US this remains a critical question FOR THE “CHRISTIAN” CHURCH SECTS HERE are decidedly A MAJORITY CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT FROM WESTERN EUROPEAN HERITAGE! America is led primarily by CATHOLIC and PROTESTANT POLITICAL leadership. It was a historical moment indeed when CONTROVERSIAL Pope Francis spoke to Congress and reproved the President! Catholicism which claims for itself to be the TRUE APOSTOLIC CHURCH and it’s BISHOP of ROME TO BE THE SOLE VICAR OF CHRIST and her PROTESTANT CHURCHES cannot as yet bridge the SCHISM and when it comes to being THE MORAL GUIDING LIGHT FOR AMERICA, THEY HAVE DONE A SEEMINGLY POOR JOB WITH THE IMMORALITY AND MURDER OF INFANTS!!! It is understandable that many consider these churches the MYSTERY BABYLON AND HER DAUGHTERS and any other religious sect that DO NOT NAME CHRIST AS THEIR KING AND LORD as one of the many DAUGHTERS of APOSTASY THAT PREVAIL IN THE END OF THE AGE!!! Jesus will judge the nations who do not bow the knee to Him and preach the truth that His NAME IS ABOVE EVERY NAME NAMED AMONG MEN IN WHICH ONE CAN BE SAVED!!!

  2. charles

    I am puzzled by your comment in this broadcast, by your statement, ” This could change the course of America for the next 30 years and prevent our nation from receiving the judgements of God upon us.”
    Since the 7 year peace agreement period will likely begin sometime this year and Christ will return at the end of that period, the American government and nation will no longer exist for 30 years. Please clarify. Also, clarify what the judgements of God on America could consist of and what scriptures relate to that?

    I appreciate your ministry of helping us prepare for the coming of God.