Alarm sounded over progress towards key climate summit

Negotiators have been accused by charities and NGOs of not moving fast enough at interim talks in Germany.
Countries are working towards options to limit greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 ahead of a crunch December summit.
But the UN said progress had been made in streamlining the text of a new agreement.
The climate talks in Bonn are designed to pave the way towards the signing of a new deal in Paris at the end of the year that will shape the world’s actions over climate change for decades to come.
On Wednesday, Christian Aid said there was a danger of ”sleepwalking into Paris”.
”There has been too much time spent fiddling around with the unimportant details of the text,” said the charity’s senior climate change adviser, Mohamed Adow.
”Negotiators have acted like schoolchildren colouring in their homework timetable and not getting round to any actual homework.”


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