Paris Climate Accord and Population Control

November 5, 2019   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , ,


President Donald Trump and the Paris Climate Accord, Population Control and Pope Francis lends a helping hand. We will discuss the prophetic significance of these topics on today’s edition of End of the Age!

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2 Responses to “Paris Climate Accord and Population Control”

  1. Lind Drumgoole

    I love the podcast. I can only get to hear this ministry at night when I get home. I’m right there to become a student in 2020. I would humbly ask that the gentleman on today stop sounding like CNN/FOX and give us the Word!!! Dr Baxter provides background to ensure we are given the connection to the prophecy. The other gentleman bashes and speaks to the listening audience as if we are “dumb”!!! I cringe when he begins and can only take a breathe when he turns to the Word and prophecies. Thank you for this opportunity to express my love of this ministry and an area that really needs to be modified to not offend.

    • Stephanie

      Lind, I love hearing the gentleman (Dave Robbins) that was on today to teach. I don’t think he was speaking to us as if we are stupid at all but he is passionate about this and its amazing! He does back it up scripturally and also cites sources that you can find out there.
      I am glad you feel safe stating your opinion here as we all should be able to dislike and like without being “bashed” but I just want to state I LOVE hearing them both speak and teach on this subject. Dave, you are an awesome man! Love your passion… keep up the good work!

      I learn so much from both of you!