A Call for a World Government with Teeth

June 29, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |  

In a recent United Nations speech, Secretary-General António Guterres called for a world government with teeth.

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9 Responses to “A Call for a World Government with Teeth”

  1. Robert Schieder

    First I would like to thank both you (Irvin) and Dave for all the great work you are doing. I have been studying Revelation and endtime prophecy for nearly 50 years and like you Irvin rejected the pre-trib rapture for many years now. I started listening to your broadcasts now for about 2 months and it is really comforting to hear someone else placing the rapture where I do in Rev 14. From what I have heard from your ministry up to this point is also what I feel concerning interpretation of the prophetic Scriptures. Of course being realistic we may differ with certain minor variations in some of these interpretations; but on the whole we are in close agreement. The following paragraphs are couple of those examples.

    In Daniel 7:4 (The lion with eagle wings); I believe the subject of the entire verse 4 is the “lion”. The eagle wings being plucked could very well be the USA. “Wings imagery” in the Bible usually are used in the context as “comfort, aid, strength, refuge or travel”. With that in mind the “lion’ had it wings plucked off and the “lion” was made to stand on its own as a man. England lost much of its strength after the Revolutionary War and no longer has the status of being “lion-hearted” but made to stand on its own 2 feet as a man no longer getting it strength (economically) or aid from the “colonies” As you stated the “eagle wings” (without the eagle) are not seen until Rev 12:14, (when the USA comes to the aid of Israel).

    In Daniel 7:6 (The leopard), possibly Germany has 4 wings of a fowl (Microraptor (Greek, μικρός, mīkros: “small”; Latin, raptor: “one who seizes”) is a genus of small, four-winged paravian dinosaurs. Numerous well-preserved fossil specimens have been recovered from Liaoning, China.)- from Wikipedia: The wings could possibly mean that Germany gets it strength and economy from China. Currently Germany is one of the largest trading partners for China. Currently Germany is increasing its trading relationship with China.

    Keep up the great work, in Christ,
    Robert Schieder

  2. Not sure if the title is correct. I believe it’s meant to be “A Call for a World Government with Teeth” not “Called”.

    I want to share the video but don’t want potential recipients to be distracted or have cause to doubt and dismiss the quality of it’s content.

    Thanks for being a megaphone for the truth!

    • Doug Norvell

      I normally do not allow links to videos in the blog. There are so many opinions and half truths, that I would have to watch every video we allowed and I just do not have the time to watch the videos. I hope you understand. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  3. So open boarders=support for the antichrist. How many people understand this? More specifically, how many christian’s understand this? Globalism= satans plan of deception. Man, we have a lot of work to do. I struggle thinking do I just tell others about Jesus, or do you go into the politic side of it too? When you start on politics, some people think your crazy. It all needs to be told though.

  4. Joel aziambo

    Peace of the Lord be multiply unto you. I love and even have downloaded some of Minister Irvin Baxter teachings on the end of age. I do follow you. I will like you to keep me updated.
    I and my church will benefit from your teachings. Thanks and God bless you.