Stuck at home? | COVID-19 Update from Irvin


Dallas County just issued a stay-at-home order for its residents. Are you stuck at home? Irvin Baxter shares his thoughts from his living room.

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  1. Joseph Perrin
    Joseph Perrin says:

    The corona virus may possibly be one of the endtime “pestulences

    The corona virus may possibly be one of the endtime “pestulences” events, but such events could also be a seghway into the cashless society in that some countries don’t want their citizens using paper money because of “the risk of transmitting deadly microorganisms”. Along with tensions with China and Iran, WWIII is a possibility. Is is all coming together right now? Now is better than usual to be prayful. — Joe Perrin, Sacramento CA

  2. Gwyn Eury
    Gwyn Eury says:

    Thank you Irvin for teaching us the Book of Revelation and Endtimes ALL these years. We are prepared. God bless you. NO fear here.

  3. Carolyn Deason
    Carolyn Deason says:

    Dear Mr. Baxter,
    Although my husband, Charles and I dearly appreciate you and your entire ministries, we opt out NOT to subscribe to your excellent program. We are retired and watch every penny. It is purely an economic reason on our part not to subscribe at this time. Absolutely no reflection on End Time Ministries. We are considering subscribing later, perhaps, once we make adjustments with other online subscriptions because we do not want to lose hearing your programs.
    Frankly, as a side note, I truly believe there are ulterior motives, behind this virus invasion that has created a major shut down of life as we know it in every aspect of day to day living. Yes the virus is real and highly contagious, but it is a means to cause the nation to make certain changes to give up much freedom in order to ‘feel safe and well’. May the Lord continue to bless you and Judy, Dave and Jana, and all of the End Time Ministry families. Truly we are living in the End Times!
    In Jesus Name,
    Carolyn Sue Deason

    • Doug Norvell
      Doug Norvell says:

      That would depend on which chapter in Revelation you are speaking of. The woman in Revelation 12 is Israel, the male child is Jesus. The woman in Revelation 17 is mystery Babylon, that is the Vatican/Rome. You would be a really great candidate for the Jerusalem Prophecy College. Or sign up for End of the Age +

  4. Marcia Pels
    Marcia Pels says:

    Enjoyed hearing from you! I’ve wanted to do the college ever so nice you 1st told us about it!! But, I have to practly fight for my magazines I ordered cos if my husband gets to mail 1st he trades them and I don’t know. I also did not have computer on phones be and do not know how they save so can work on later. Just no Tech knowledge here! ☹️ But if I like venthrough then s, I’m gona try!
    Thanks Astor Baxtoe for all your team me and share my who and about God and Christmas st Jesus!!! May God pour out all grace and blessings alsway to and wife, all lived ones and keep y’all safe!!!!❤️✝️

  5. Zuzana De Jonghe
    Zuzana De Jonghe says:

    God bless you, Mr.Baxter,

    Your student here. We share all my husband and me were taught in JPC all people through our ministry website – so your teachings are now shared from Belgium to the heart of Europe and more and God promised to bring many others soon. We pray that we are blessed to be able to participate on your projects so to all people the Gospel of Redemption would be preached until our Lord comes.

    God bless you all and thank you for sharing.

    Zuzana and Philip

  6. D Boyd
    D Boyd says:

    Thank you Bro Baxter. I’m very interested in the Jerusalem Prophecy College, especially in light of our current events with this so-called pandemic.

  7. Steve & Mandy Gaeth
    Steve & Mandy Gaeth says:

    May the God of Hope continue to fill You & Family with All Joy & Peace as You trust in Him. Exciting times! Thank You for having us prepared & resolute in our Faith, Bro Baxter! Yes, we are progressing in our understanding through your thorough teachings.
    Mandy is delighted to be undertaking the Foundations Course with North Cities. High quality content. Grateful for this unique church and its authentic Christian leaders & members.
    It is a Joy to be alive! God Bless Israel, USA, our great President, and You Sir. Amen

  8. Charlie Radle
    Charlie Radle says:

    Me an the wife have both been wanting to enroll Irvin but cant ever seem to come up with the money. We are still trying an we will get there. Thank you sir.

  9. Jason Gillespie
    Jason Gillespie says:

    Thank you for the Revelation the Unveiling of Jesus Christ. Yes the Coronavirus is giving us more time at home. I am working on a sculpture at home that at some point will become the statue that Father God Jesus sent me back to do. You, Irvin Baxter, are one of three Christians that I will work with to get this statue done. Since the bus hit me and my spirit spent some time with our Father, I know what He asked me to do….and who to work with. I do look forward to meeting you and working with you. Father God Jesus knows everything about this. Thank you for your time and for all the learning that you have given to Father God Jesus’s children.

  10. Judy Grant
    Judy Grant says:

    Trying to log on and register for course one of Jerusalem Prophecy College and can’t do it. It keeps taking me back to my he beginning of log on n. So I gave up.


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