Signs of the End Times: A Checklist of What’s to Come

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signs of the end timesThe series of events that serve as signs of the end times are all contained in the prophecies of the Bible.

With all of the continuous buzz in the air regarding the end of the world, it is time to set the biblical record straight. One of our main pursuits at Endtime Ministries is dedicated to interpreting and conveying the messages provided by the greatest source of historical prophecies. The series of events leading up to the end of the world have begun to occur, but the key events prophesied to occur between now and then in the Book of Revelation will help us to identify how exactly the signs of the end times shall transpire.

Initial Warning: A Peace Treaty

One sign of the apocalypse is a 42-month period of peace known as the first half of The Final 7 Years. A catalyst for this time period will be the marked the Confirmation of the Covenant, an interim agreement on the borders of Israel in accordance with God and Abraham’s covenant in the book of Genesis. However, even as this miraculous decision is reached, animal sacrifices and other sacrilegious acts will run rampant and eventually launch The Great Tribulation.

The Antichrist: Jesus’ Second Coming

The Great Tribulation is a period of 42 months in the second half of The Final 7 Years during which time Satan himself will conduct his wrath through the form of the Antichrist. This is something of a climax to the previous signs of the end times and ultimately leads to the Battle of Armageddon. At this time, sometimes referred to as the rapture, Jesus Christ will descend from the heavens among a blacked out sky and bring with him his angels as a beacon of hope.

Satan Imprisoned: 1,000 Years of Paradise on Earth

The Second Coming of Jesus is not the end of the world. The Son of God will use his powers to bind Satan for a thousand years, heralding peace on Earth during this period of time. Jesus and His Church will reign over mankind for a wonderful and enlightening experience. Even still, it is foreseen that after this millennium, Satan will break free of his prison and turn a large portion of humanity against God and His saints.

Judgment Day: The End of Days

It is during this final war that God will judge each and every last person in existence. Some will be added to his Book of Life while the rest will be cast aside into the lake of eternal fire. To prevent Satan from ever returning, the entire Earth will be consumed in this same hellfire and nothing again will ever question the will of God.

Today: Our Paths, Our Options, Our Destiny

This entire process is quite obviously fast approaching. With talks of peace in the Middle East, a general lack of concern for the laws of God by so many, and the continual passing of valuable time, these crucial signs of the end times will become more apparent in days to come. It is increasingly vital that everyone asking of sanctuary and acceptance by God will work even more diligently as time runs low because every step along the way creates more tension between God and Satan.


In your search for a path during the end times and how to live true to God, we hope you’ll tune in to Endtime Ministries’ P&R live online radio stream every weekday at 3:00 p.m. CST for more information. Check your local listings for our End of the Age television broadcast airing every weekday at 2:30pm CST and a weekly Bible study on Thursdays at 7:00pm CST. To better understand the prophecies from the Bible, visit our online store which contains several resources such as the When Will the Rapture Happen? DVD that further explain the signs of the end times.

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