Jesus Already Among Us?!

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By Anthony Vandagriff



Jesus did extraordinary things and often accomplished the impossible.  One of the most renowned feats of Jesus was when He literally defied gravity and walked on water.  No normal man could have done this although many have tried.  Kids especially try to run across the swimming pool attempting to mimic Jesus but of course they come short.  Now Jesus did bid Peter to come and walk on the water, and miraculously he did for a moment before sinking but aside from that, no man has been able to duplicate this feat.  That was true until a certain man stepped on the scene, Criss Angel.


Criss Angel is a street magician who performs some of the most astounding tricks you will ever see.  Many question whether these tricks are illusions, or actually magic.  He has ripped people apart and put them back together, he levitates, and the list goes on.  The astounding trick that many people are blown away by is the one where he walks on water.  Criss literally walks across a swimming pool while people are swimming!  Some people have seen this and thought he must be Jesus. Others think he might be the Antichrist since he mimics the miracles of Jesus.  I’ll be honest, I was pretty amazed by his tricks and still am intrigued by the smoothness of these illusions but that’s exactly what they are, illusions.  I know people think he actually performs magic but there is a masked magician who reveals how Criss does all of his tricks.  I watched this guy on YouTube walk across a swimming pool, just like Criss Angel did, and then showed how he was able to do it.  It’s a sweet illusion, but it’s not magic.  Criss Angel is a captivating performer, but he is not Jesus and he is not the Antichrist.  The Antichrist will be a political leader who comes out of Europe.  Plus, the Antichrist isn’t the one who does the tricks.  The Bible shows us the Antichrist will have a partner identified as the False Prophet.  The False Prophet will perform miracles and deceive people into following the Antichrist.


Criss Angel isn’t a great role model but he also is not the Antichrist.  The important thing is to not be deceived by tricks.  Jesus isn’t just going to show up and put on a magic show.  He is going to come back in the clouds of the sky and make a triumphant entry.  Don’t let the tricks distract you.

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2 Responses to “Jesus Already Among Us?!”

  1. L.Logan

    There are those archaeologists who claim the “temple mount” is actually the old Antonio fortress housing the tenth legion a very large force of some 6,000 troops with support group bringing the total to 10,000! The FORTRESS has not been “found?” Rome”S IRON KINGDOM WARRED sought to suppress the Jews from revolting. Josephus claimed the high mount was the Roman legions fort and overlooked the temple complex on the southern ridge where they have now verified as The City of David! If this is true the third temple could be easily built as the scriptures clearly state this is the location of the temple site David bought from Ornan the Jebusite! Jesus plainly declared not one stone would be left upon another of the temple complex which would exclude the so called temple complex and the “western wall” unless you would wish to apply a very narrow view of Christ’s Matthew 24 statement. Josephus again writes, The temple was so thoroughly destroyed that one would never know it had ever existd if you were a first time visitor there. Jews were slaughtered or sold into slavery if they even tried to approach Jerusalem. Josephus was employed by Rome to write the history of that Holy land to warn and remind the Jews of their defeat and threaten war if they were ever to attempt to defy Rome again; which thing they did in 135AD in the Bar Kochba Revolt! If you take Daniel’s prophetic vision in chapters 9-11, it is ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL AND “THEIR LAND” and CITY OF JERUSALEM, THE CITY WHERE GOD HAS PLACED HIS NAME!!! It is ALL ABOUT the ABRAHAMIC COVENANT where GOD SWORE BY AN OATH to “give them this land” and THE HOLY MOUNT where by the Abrahamic COVENANT, Abraham obediently attempted to please God by offering up Isaac and God provided the ram symbolizing what Christ was to do. Futhermore ALL NATIONS WERE TO BE BLESSED IN THE FATHER OF FAITH, FAITHFUL ABRAHAM! The temple grounds location is important! Daniel chapter 9:26-…the prince who is to come, shall destroy the city and sanctuary. It’s end shall come with a flood, AND TO THE END THERE SHALL BE “WAR.” DESOLATIONS ARE DECREED. JERUSALEM has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, beseiged 23 times and destroyed twice per A History of Jerusalem! At the time of the end Antichrist shall capture the city and trample it underfoot with GENTILE FORCES for 1260 days, the GREAT TRIBULATION! Chapter 10 Gabriel speaks as to what is inscribed in the BOOK OF TRUTH concerning what Daniel was praying about (THE PEOPLE OF DANIELS LINEAGE,(1)ISRAEL, (2) THE CITY OF JERUSALEM and (3)THE HOLY SANCTUARY! It begins with the invasion of the Greeks and the end of the Persian rule of his homeland. It is prophetic vision of the supremacy of the “silver” Median-Persian Empire coming to an end and being replaced by the Greek/Macedonian/Seluecid rule in chapter 11 which has a foreshadow of a willful king arising who acts in the typology of the Seluecids Antiochus Epiphanes who desecrated the Zerubabel temple by slaughtering a pig on the temple altar and setup an idol of Zeus. This part of the vision and history was fulfilled ending at verse 35…UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END, FOR IT STILL AWAITS THE APPOINTED TIME. verse 36-The vision now leaps forward to the time of the end with the WILLFULL KING OF THE NORTH is described. In chapter 11:38 I see as do others, his takeover of the beautiful land and securing his station on the temple mount. I believe he is taking over the Shrine of Omar and Al Aqsa Mosque and halting sacrifice in the third temple wherever that is to be built. Verse 39- he deals in fortresses of the stronghold with a strange foreign god, the ONE NOT OF HIS FATHERS- ABRAHAM not Isaac but Ishmael with Islamic “replacement theology” version of harlot Babylon Rome!!! Islam is Antichrist to it’s core declaring GOD HAS NO SON and neither do they SEE “GOD” as their FATHER. The 6th TRUMPET WAR is ISLAM FLOODING down from the north from a horde of demonic jihadists bent on taking Jerusalem and their third most “holiest” site- THE TEMPLE MOUNT SHRINE which declares their victory THROUGH HOLY WAR over Israel, Judaism and sanctuary!!!! Many “Jews” recognize this leader as Messiah and others are complicit in the “covenant with hell” IN DIVIDING THE LAND!!! Daniel is assured this son of perdition this DESOLATOR will come to his and Israel delivered and the dead arise from the dust to shine as the stars forever and Daniel would stand in his lot. The temple will be cleansed and rededicated- Chanukah II and Christ will relight the Lampstand as High Priest. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • James Tom

      Thanx for your post Logan, yes i have been following the developments of Eli Shukron, Israeli Archeologist who uncovered the Sacrificial place of Melchizedek……Exciting stuff. Amazing that the temples being in the old city of david. After all this time they are actually sacrificing on or near the correct spot ! Near the Gihon spring where they are supposed to be near running water.