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Endtime and its team members always strive to be good stewards of the resources that God has placed in our care to manage. One of the most important keys to what we do everyday is our web servers, which allows us to reach every nation with the message that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is just ahead.


We have experienced tremendous growth in our web presence over the last five years. In fact, in 2010 we averaged 228,000 pageviews per month. Last year we averaged just over 2,000,000 pageviews per month. That’s an increase of 777% in five years! However, our servers and software are outdated, which causes downtime on occasion for many of you and additional work hours and finances to maintain for us at Endtime. 


We are a small non-profit that runs a high-traffic website, a daily TV and radio program, a bi-monthly magazine, the prophecy college in Jerusalem, and more. Although we only have 35 team members, we are able to serve tens of millions of people each month; and have costs like other world-wide organizations. We have very few third-party ads and we don’t receive government funding. We survive on the goodness of God, product sales, and donations from our wonderful partners.


Updating our servers and software as well as maintaining service for a year will cost us $42,000If each person reading this gave at least $10, our bill to provide FREE broadcasting and resources to the world via our website would be covered for over a year!


Would you consider helping us reach the world by contributing to this Web Server fund? To be a part of this special cause, simply click the “Support This Effort” button below and complete the form selecting Web Server in the “Where would you like to apply this donation?” field. Your gift is a blessing, perhaps more than you will ever know!


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