The Power of the Antichrist

Will the Antichrist halt worship at the Mosque?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Michael from Vermont asked, will the Antichrist have power to halt the worship at the Mosque? And could he call for the destruction of the Mosque since he is claiming to be God?


ANSWER: Well first of all, the Antichrist will probably stop the sacrifices because the animal rights activists are going to object so strenuously with more and more passion against the killing of animals in this world. One of his claims to fame will be that the Temple Mount will become a house of prayer for all nations—that it will be a wonderful place of ecumenical worship of Interfaithism. So I do not anticipate him closing any of the houses of worship, I think he’s going to say that it’s open house. You can come up there if you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist; whoever you may be. This is going to be the Interfaith mecca of the entire world. So I do not anticipate him closing the Muslim places of worship nor the Jewish places of worship.

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