The Power of the Antichrist

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Will the Antichrist halt worship at the Mosque?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Michael from Vermont asked, will the Antichrist have power to halt the worship at the Mosque? And could he call for the destruction of the Mosque since he is claiming to be God?


ANSWER: Well first of all, the Antichrist will probably stop the sacrifices because the animal rights activists are going to object so strenuously with more and more passion against the killing of animals in this world. One of his claims to fame will be that the Temple Mount will become a house of prayer for all nations—that it will be a wonderful place of ecumenical worship of Interfaithism. So I do not anticipate him closing any of the houses of worship, I think he’s going to say that it’s open house. You can come up there if you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist; whoever you may be. This is going to be the Interfaith mecca of the entire world. So I do not anticipate him closing the Muslim places of worship nor the Jewish places of worship.

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One Response to “The Power of the Antichrist”

  1. Cheree Mitchem

    Several years ago there was a post on youtube that REAL ID with the driver’s license was not the mark of the beast. However, biometric identifiers are used in the REAL ID in the areas of the face and hand. In Revelation 13, it states the mark of the beast will be used to buy and sell. It does not indicate that at the exact time of the mark’s implementation, the mark will be used to buy and sell. However, the mark will lead to this after implementation as a result. Therefore if the REAL ID will be used to enforce buying and selling in the future, it may be needed to ask if this is the mark. Just know, RFID chip is fairly old technology. However, biometrics are dealing with our physical make-up in identifying us in the face, iris, and hand, which is a much newer technology, and has identifiers in the area of the hand and face or head. The carbon atom happens to have 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons which is the essence of life. DNA technology is part of the biometric identification system and relates to the carbon atom as the life characteristics of a person which deals with biometric identity. I believe the mark of the beast deals with AI technology, and we do not need an RFID chip to fulfill Rev. 13. We just need identifiers through technology in the areas of the hand and head. We used to use technology to serve humans, but now, technology is being used to bring in a tyrannical government system. Just know that whatever the mark is, that mark will lead to the ability to buy and sell. This does not mean that at the time of implementing the mark, one will be deterred from buying and selling, but the mark will lead to this. The mark of the beast will be used by a totalitarian government system to control the people to put all under a one-world government. Satan wants to control the world.