America and The Peace Treaty

What happens to the US when the final seven years begin?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Dori from Georgia called to ask Irvin “Where does America, as a country fit when the peace agreement is signed and the seven years begin?”


ANSWER: We have one indicator and it’s found in Revelation 12:14 which it states there that when the Antichrist moves against Israel there will be given to Israel two wings of a great eagle so that she may fly into her great place where she is nourished for time, times and half a time. So this shows a picture of United States protecting Israel and allowing her to fly into her place in which she has done; her place is her promised land. So we, America, have been Israel’s protector. We are definitely going to be a player in that time. The Bible also speaks on a war that will kill one third of mankind and I believe that America will be participating in that because we are the ones who have the nuclear fire power; between us and Russia, to accomplish the prophecy.

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  1. L. Logan
    L. Logan says:

    The Holy Roman empire was neither holy nor an empire. It was a sectarian and militaristic as a “nation-state” could possibly be giving rise to the likes of Charlemangler, Frederick the Not So Great, Napolean, Kaiser (Caesar) Wilhelm and Adolph Hitler/Muscleini (sic)! The Roman “church” war on those Christians she deemed heretics was aptly named the “DARK AGES.” It was her that made a pact with the devil and created a “false prophet” in Mohammedism to destroy the Eastern Orthodox with it’s power center Constantine had created in Byzantium whose city he renamed Constantinople. Rome was determined she would not suffer widowhood from her militaristic defenders that had been slain by the Northern Germanic tribes, the central Asian Tengrism pagans such as the Huns and eastern steppe Tengrist tribes such as the Mongols and Turks. Christian beliefs has long penetrated into these peoples ancestral lands of the central and far east. Rome found them still thriving when explorers such as Marco Polo discovered in China meeting with Kublia Khan. It is noteworthy to find that Ghengis Khan’s mother was a Nestorian Christian. Polo found similar beliefs in the court of the Yuan dynasty. The title Khan has as one of it’s definitions, to be “CHIEF.” The Asian horsemen hordes from the western Caucasus to the far Eastern steppe highlands of Mongolia worshipped Tengrit the Blue Sky God. The slavic peoples of eastern Europe long resisted the Christianisation of their lands as their leaders converted and tried to impose it upon them. This opposition was known as those of “double faith.” Vladmir of the Kiev Rus tried to solidify his power by combining the various Slavic deities into five major deities. Four of the five, Perun God of Thunder (Thor), Veles/Veruna God of livestock and world order and underworld, Xors Dazhbog god of the sun, Stribog god of the storm, wind, dissension and lastly MOKOSH “mother of the damp earth” which explains the Russians reference to themselves as of the MOTHERLAND KIEV RUS, The trilogy of XORS DAHZBOG, SIMARGL and STRIBOG are of Indo Iranian (SCYTHIAN/SAMARITAN) component slavic religion! The state’s aristocracy of western Roman, German and eastern Slavic peoples have long tried to unite their kingdoms by imposing their pagan and Christian beliefs upon their peoples. It is amazing as to how quickly western European powers have tried to heal their relationship of DEADLY WOUND BY THE SWORD OF WAR with their Eastern Orthodox Slavic neighbors. These two centers of power are strangely focused upon the “Middle East” and the POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS SCHISM as yet remains but with STRANGE BEDFELLOWS WITH ISLAM!!! Islamic nations are in the MIDDLE of the HOLYLAND CONFLICT with JERUSALEM in the bullseye! Russia has allied with Shiites mainly Iran/Syria and the EU and US with Egypt and Sunni Saudi Arabia. The US finds itself oddly, in the MIDST/MIDDLE as RESTRAINING Europe/NATO/TURKEY and RussianIranian/Syrian powers!!! It would seem there is A DIVINE COMMAND TO BRING ABOUT THE PROPHETIC COMPOSITE BEAST of Daniel and John’s Revelation! The US however remains a STAUNCH ALLY OF ISRAEL defying a world body politic in the UN to force an agreement of the many upon the state of Israel! The commercial markets gyrate wildly and the BLACK HORSE RIDER SCALES CLASH AND CLANG warning of financial chaos as the rich oil and wine and dine flee the markets for safety and demand governments STABILIZE THE WORLD ECONOMY! It is as if we are watching Christ loose the seals of the BOOK OF TRUTH that Daniel and John spoke of. That fourth HORSEMAN OF THE PALE GREEN HORSE OF DEATH AND HELL seems ominously close at the Euphrates with destruction of the sword, beasts and pestilence! It is unimagineable states would want a conflict between the US and Russia seeing what has taken place on a smaller scale in Syria but that has long been the NATURE OF THE BEAST IN RELIGION AND POLITICS.


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