America and The Peace Treaty

What happens to the US when the final seven years begin?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Dori from Georgia called to ask Irvin “Where does America, as a country fit when the peace agreement is signed and the seven years begin?”


ANSWER: We have one indicator and it’s found in Revelation 12:14 which it states there that when the Antichrist moves against Israel there will be given to Israel two wings of a great eagle so that she may fly into her great place where she is nourished for time, times and half a time. So this shows a picture of United States protecting Israel and allowing her to fly into her place in which she has done; her place is her promised land. So we, America, have been Israel’s protector. We are definitely going to be a player in that time. The Bible also speaks on a war that will kill one third of mankind and I believe that America will be participating in that because we are the ones who have the nuclear fire power; between us and Russia, to accomplish the prophecy.

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