Aid Says Obama Lied

Did President Obama intentionally lie to become president?

Irvin: Welcome to the show, Irene.


Irene: I appreciate you so much and bringing our attention to the things that we need to pay particular attention to. You know the Bible says give honor to where honor is due and we can honor a particular place like the presidency, or a governor, or even a man in the home but you do not have to honor the person that’s there if he is not honorable. For years I have never felt like I could give my honor to Obama, even though he’s in a position of being the president because I always felt in my heart he wasn’t an honorable man. Everything that we once stood for he is against. I wonder, do you think that maybe he’s trying to bring America down or is he so blind that he doesn’t see what he’s doing? God bless you!


Irvin: I do believe Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. Before he was elected he said he would bring about a fundamental transformation of the United States of America, and I am very sorry to tell you that President Obama has succeeded in doing that. When you go from it being against the law to commit a homosexual act in this nation – 20 or 30 years ago, to now it’s almost against the law to say anything against it. That is a fundamental transformation of the United States of America, so yes I do believe he knows exactly what he’s doing. I think he has had an agenda, and did he lie to get into office? Yes, he did. And again, I’m being careful because the Bible says, do not speak evil of your rulers, so I am being careful. However, let me just simply say this, that I know for positive that he was for same-sex marriage when he, at the Rick Warren debate, said, No, I am not for same sex marriage, I am for civil unions. So immediately I knew he was for both because what’s the difference? Civil union, same sex marriage it’s homosexuality. If you’re for civil unions you’re for homosexuality and why not have same-sex marriage? The only reason you would be against same-sex marriage is if you are against homosexuality. Anyway, I knew that he was not against it because I saw a letter that he wrote congratulating same-sex couples that had just gotten married. And yet he told the American people that he was not for it, but one of his aides recently published a book stating that they told Obama that he needed to lie or he would never get elected and that is the reason that he lied. So from the very beginning the whole thing has been a deceitful.

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