Order in the Court – The World Court that Is

By Irvin Baxter

The World Court to try Offenders of International Law

What is a beast with no teeth, and what is a world government beast with no mechanism of enforcement?


If you are an advocate of world government and have been dismayed at the relative weakness of present global governmental structures, you have much to cheer about. The world is poised to take the greatest leap forward into the utopian Marxist dream of one-world government that has been achieved since the formation of the United Nations in 1945.


We citizens of earth find ourselves perched on the frightening precipice of the establishment of a world court system where every earthling can be tried for such nebulous crimes as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression.


You may have just breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that you have never been guilty of any of these ghastly offenses that will be chargeable before this emerging world tribunal. But are you sure? Are you certain that you have never been guilty of genocide or crimes against humanity as defined by the elite globalist crowd that is herding the unthinking masses into the global corral called International Law?


Political leaders, have you ever initiated a military action that was not previously approved by the United Nations? If so, you could be headed towards trial before the World Tribunal that is projected to begin operation within the next year or so. The charge, Crimes of aggression, don’t think for a minute that the recent clamor to bring Slobodan Milosevic to trial before the World Tribunal is an isolated incident. Ultimately, the insatiable monster of world government will insist that all world leaders bow the knee to the supreme authority of “global governance.”


Preachers, have you preached that homosexuality was the sin of Sodom and must be repented of and forsaken? The World Court just itches to get its hands on you. Oh yes, you Boy Scout officials will be included in that one as well. How dare you oppose your sons being placed in the loving care of those with a legitimate alternative lifestyle! The one-worlders call these insensitive positions “Crimes against humanity.” You may presently better recognize these offenses as “hate crimes.”


You Christians won’t be left out either…especially you fundamentalist Christians. When you say that Jesus is the only way to heaven, you are disrespecting the religions of over 75% of the people of the world. Furthermore, you are sowing the seeds of religious conflict that inevitably lead to armed confrontation. This dangerous world that we live in can no longer tolerate your religiously exclusive bigotry. The crime of genocide is defined as causing physical harm or “mental harm” to a minority, whether it is based on race, religion or sexual preference. We strongly suggest that you “Bible thumpers” adopt the more enlightened position of your liberal brethren. Many mainstream Christians are now buying into the new understanding that Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Christians all, in reality, worship the same God—though calling him by various names. It’s time for you to jump onto the interfaith bandwagon.


And on and on goes the far-reaching credo of this newly emerging monster with the iron teeth.


Are you Serious?!

If you are an intelligent thinking person who is unaware of these ominous developments, you have to be saying to yourself right now, “You can’t be serious. You surely don’t expect me to believe that a world court system is being instituted right under my nose that will rob me of the precious liberties that I have enjoyed all of my life!”


Frankly, I don’t blame you for finding it hard to believe that our government and the governments of the world would sell us down the river into the slavery of one-world government. But the fact is…It is true! I have the text of the International Criminal Court Statute of Rome in front of me as I write this article. Allow me to briefly bore you with the facts.


When the United Nations set forth its system of international law in 1945, it envisioned the need for a world court system to enforce that law. However, the nations of the world were unwilling to countenance surrendering sovereignty to the extent necessary for the establishment of the projected world court system. Global re-education would have to take place first.


From then until now, those favoring world governments have labored tirelessly to enlighten the peoples of the world to the necessity of creating adequate structures for global governance.


Finally, as the new millennium approached, the globalists sensed that the time for the establishment of a world court system had arrived. On September 22, 1997, U.S. President Bill Clinton strode to the podium of the United Nations to launch the drive toward the establishment of the long-desired world court.


On June 15, 1998, representatives from 160 nations met in Rome for the purpose of giving birth to the International Criminal Court. After 32 days of laborious negotiations, the final draft was approved for the establishment of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The vote for the adoption of the ICC was 120 for, 7 against and 21 abstaining.


It was interesting that the United States and Israel, two of the nations that were the chief proponents of the world court system, ended up voting against its establishment. The problem… the World Community went much further than these nations were willing to go. The final statute created an independent international prosecutor with powers to indict any person on earth, even if that person’s nation was not a signing party of the International Criminal Court statute.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) will begin to function once the governments of sixty nations officially ratify the statute. As of now, 29 have ratified. Proponents of the ICC project that the required 60 ratifications will be obtained by mid-2002.


Do you Believe the Bible?

Let’s face it. To believe that individuals could be placed on trial for acts of disobedience to international law, such as speaking against homosexuality, disrespecting another’s religion and refusing to surrender weapons, is a difficult stretch. But would it be easier to believe if you read it from the Bible?

Remember Matthew 24:9 where Jesus prophesied: “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” Why should we be surprised when we see the words of Jesus coming to pass? Revelation 13:14 plainly describes a time when the False Prophet will, “…cause that as many as would not worship the image of the (world government) beast should be killed.”


But still it’s hard to realize that these prophecies, that we have heard preached about all of our lives, are, in fact, coming to pass right now! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are watching the formation of the world court system that the coming world government will use in its attempt to force every person on earth into submission!


When the World Court judge raps his gavel for the first time on the desk of the first International Criminal Court session a year or two from now, the prophesied one-world government will be firmly ensconced in the earth, and the mechanism for the perpetration of the Great Tribulation will be poised and ready. The prophesied world government beast will have grown teeth…Iron Teeth!


No wonder Jesus said, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”


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