Interview with Kamal Saleem – Part 2

Former Member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO

Edited by Dave Robbins


In order to provide a clearer understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Jihad, especially here in the United States, Irvin Baxter interviewed Kamal Saleem on our Politics & Religion radio program on August 25, 2014. Part one was published in the November/December issue of Endtime magazine.


Kamal: Look at what the King of Saudi Arabia did when he held his arms up at the peace negotiations in Saudi Arabia. He did not hold up his right arm, he held up his left arm. It was a sign to the Muslims that he was making a Hudna (truce), not a permanent peace treaty. It is a treaty that must be broken within 10 years. This is exactly what Hamas will do to Israel. They will make a treaty and then turn right around and break it. That is Islamic doctrine.


Irvin: So you can make a Peace Treaty?


Kamal: It’s called Hudna.


Irvin: You can make a Peace Treaty, but you can’t make it for more than 10 years?


Kamal: You can break it anytime. You can break it the second day.


Irvin: So you make the Treaty in order to gather strength and to prepare for the next battle.


Kamal: That is exactly right. It would be the perfect example for the Peace Treaty with the Antichrist.


Irvin: So when the Bible says there’s going to be the Confirmation of the Covenant for a 7- year period—that’s interesting.


Kamal: That’s right and that’s called Hudna.
Irvin: OK. So you’ve been to this camp and return home. How do you then transition from that to getting to the United States of America?
Kamal: Well, I went on my first mission to Israel when I was 7 years old.


Irvin: You went to Israel?


Kamal: Yes, through tunnels in the Golan Heights. I went through the same kind of tunnels that you see in the southern borders from Syria and from Gaza into Israel. That’s why Israel took the Golan Heights, because we were entering through the mountain. The first mission was very successful. The second mission was deadly. From there we went to the civil war in Lebanon, where we were just slaughtering Christians by the hundreds of thousands.


Irvin: And you were how old at that time?
Kamal: I was just barely a teenager.
Irvin: What did you do, as a young man, while in Israel?


Kamal: As young men we dressed like Bedouins, went through the tunnels, rendezvoused with the shepherds and gave them knapsacks filled with TNT explosives, 7mm and 9mm Makarov guns, ammo for the AK47 and AK47 parts. We basically equipped them with everything needed to kill the Jews and themselves. We would then strap a pack on the belly of the sheep, which would allow them to take it all the way down into Israel. The Jews never suspected a thing because it looked like a milk sheep. It was a wonderfully deceptive strategy.


Irvin: So you were supplying the terrorists, who were fighting against the government of Israel?


Kamal: That is exactly right.
Irvin: So how long did you stay in Israel at that time?


Kamal: I did not stay at all. We went in and out on the same day, after our rendezvous with the shepherds. We had to because the Israelis were doing chopper lifts and monitoring everything closely, which forced us to leave. That was the first journey. However, on the second mission, they knew who we were and where we were coming from, which resulted in a slaughter. We were just hit from every direction. That’s why I call my memoir, The Blood of Lambs.


Irvin: So how did you escape?


Kamal: After we were hit on the second mission, I saw one of the young kids that I had recruited, whose name was Mohammad. I remember promising his mother that I would bring him back alive, so I took Mohammad, threw him on my back and I ran toward the Syrian border. As I was running, the Israelis started taking sniper shots at us. Mohammad became my shield that day and by the time I made it to the Syrian border Mohammad was dead. It was the biggest devastation that I had as a child because I had never seen death like that before.


Irvin: Wow! So you do that for a while and then the time came for you to come to the United States of America. Tell us about that.


Kamal: I came to the United States after doing civilization jihad in Europe. It is exactly what we are doing in the United States right now.


Irvin: Let me make sure that we understand civilization jihad. This is not where you go in and shoot people or blow them up. It is when you infiltrate and try to convert the society by peaceful means. Am I correct?


Kamal: We call it peace, but it is really a stealth mode because they don’t know what we are doing. The most important part of this strategy is that we never let you know what the theology of Islam means to you. We want to bring you to (embrace) Islam. Therefore, we tell you it’s the most beautiful thing. The last thing we want is for you to study Islam, because you will see how dark it is, and then you won’t want Islam at all. In order to bring Islam, we came to engage the 7 mountains of influence of the United States of America. To begin with, my group was to contact and influence professors of universities and to buy off U.S. politicians. The second part was to go after the students in America at the colleges and universities, through such organizations as the Muslim Student Association and Muslim Student Union, which are both Muslim Brotherhood entities. So that’s the strategy. We take the nominal (name only) Muslim and we radicalize them right there in the camp, by teaching them true Islam. We believe that if you are truly Muslim, then you are not nominal or moderate. True Islam is radical Islam. That is why we are trying to change everything while they are studying. We then infiltrate the jail system to recruit and convert people to Islam, which has been extremely successful. The recruitment of American inmates is the fastest growing Islamic nation. Last but not least, we permeate and convert individuals from poor neighborhoods. This is done by the placement of Islamic centers and Islamic Mosques, which are then used to engage the people. These individuals are not given the real truth. At this point, they are only taught the beautiful truth and the sweet taste of Islam. Once they are converted, we tell them they can never leave because Mohammad says, Anyone who leaves Islam—kill him or her! That is a command!


Irvin: Does that happen here in America?


Kamal: Absolutely! We have honor killing in the United States of America. There have been many instances. I know of a father in Washington, who ran over his own daughter 8 times with a jeep for seeking to convert to Christianity from Islam. There was another man who was the head of an Iranian television station ironically called Peace. His wife wanted to leave him and go to Iran. He simply told her, …sure you can leave, but not with your head! He then killed her and kept her head. All of them have something in common. None of these murderers believe it is their fault, but that of the victims. They believe it was their legal right to commit these murders because it’s part of the Islamic laws. It is legal because honor killings and what have you are commanded by Mohammad. So this is why we need to worry about Sharia law embedded in our civilization, because if it becomes legal, then they will get away with these atrocities! We will then become an offense to them and that is when the United Nations will introduce hate crime bill, Resolution 16/18. In essence, this hate crime bill states that you can’t talk about Islam or do anything to a Muslim.


Irvin: That is not passed yet right?


Kamal: No, it has not passed yet. I believe Hillary Clinton was trying to get it passed because her assistant (Huma Abedin) is from the Muslim Brotherhood, and her father is a Muslim Brotherhood radical sent by the Saudi Arabian government to the United States.


Irvin: Let’s talk for a moment about the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood briefly won an election in Egypt, and they then moved quickly to implement Sharia Law. The Egyptian people woke up and said, Wait a minute, we made a horrible mistake here. We don’t want this. The military came in and overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood, and they now have them on trial and many of them are incarcerated as we speak. Now explain the relationship between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Kamal: Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s the other part of the coin. Hamas is the off- shoot and the military part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ninety-nine percent of the Islamic radical movement was birthed out of the Muslim Brotherhood. This includes al-Qaeda, Fatah, the PLO, and al-Shabaab. All of them came out of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Irvin: So what is the Muslim Brotherhood’s relationship to ISIS?


Kamal: They are a part of the ISIS movement. It’s a coalition between al-Qaeda, al- Shabaab and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is very measurable. Anytime you can’t prove something, it is a theory. This is no theory. So how do we know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a part of the ISIS? The Qatari government, which is where Al Jazeera TV is located, is the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood. When the Muslim Brotherhood started running away from Egypt, after the military coup took place, everyone was running to Qatar. When Obama released the five generals from Gitmo (in return for Bowe Bergdahl) in the United States of America, we released them to Qatar. Right after that the ISIS attacks started.


Irvin: And Qatar is funding ISIS?


Kamal: Absolutely funding ISIS and is the head supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Irvin: And the head of Hamas is Mashaal who is living in Qatar?


Kamal: Mashaal. Yes!


Irvin: Everybody is wondering why Netanyahu doesn’t go in and defeat Hamas? Is it because the Muslim Brotherhood has friends in high places in the United States?


Kamal: Absolutely! Absolutely! We have to look at the envoy that America has today. We have six radicals within our government, even in the White House. One is the head of Islamic outreach, and he is the one who is writing speeches for President Obama. He is one of the leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood. Then we have five others that go all together, and they are in the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.


Irvin: A lot of people are adamantly claiming that President Obama is a Muslim, which has created quite a bit of controversy as of late. Is President Obama a Muslim, or is he a Christian?


Kamal: Well, I remember when he quoted the Bible, he made a mess. He mixes scripture together and cannot remember one verse from the other. And yet, when he quoted the Quran, he quoted accurately and exactly what it says. The Bible says, You will know them by their fruit. For instance, President Obama claims to be a Christian, but when he became president he said, America is no longer a Christian nation. He is also openly inviting Muslims from Asia, the Middle East and Africa to open businesses in Michigan— right here in the United States of America. He has offered to help support them and give them residency. He is also using the Obama Dream Act to protect Muslims while granting them amnesty. Muslims are coming from Yemen, Gaza, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. A lot of them are radicals, but the minute they put their foot in the airport and declare amnesty, we have to take them in. Nobody is reporting on this. Do you remember before his election, he used to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America by putting his hand down by his waist instead of over his heart? It is the same way we would stand, when I was a Muslim, as we faced Mecca and prayed five times a day to pledge allegiance to Allah. What does that mean? We are pledging that Allah is the only true living God and in Allah we trust. Just like what happened in a Boston high school recently. They were teaching them how to pledge allegiance to the American flag in the name of Allah. Instead of one nation under God, it was one nation under Allah. Do you recall when President Obama bowed to the Saudi King (King Abdullah)? What he did is the second part of the Islamic pillar. When a Muslim bows, he bows before the lordship of Mohammed. President Obama was declaring his loyalty to Islam, by bowing to the lordship of that man, who is a head of Islam. So when Obama bowed, he was specifically saying, I am under your flagship as a Muslim. Only the Muslim understands what all of this is. Even the ring that he wears on his finger, which many people have criticized him for, says, There’s no God but Allah. (Editor’s note: We have not been able to prove or disprove that Obama’s ring contains the statement, There is no God but Allah.)


Irvin: I read about that ring and I saw a close up picture of it. It looks like a wedding ring. However, I saw a picture of him wearing it when he was attending Columbia University, before he was married.


Kamal: Correct. It was given to him by a Pakistani family, which was his roommate.


Irvin: Have you seen that ring close enough, where you can actually read what it says?


Kamal: I read it. Several people sent it to me—including several members of the House of Representatives. Everyone was asking me what it means. It clearly says, There is no God but Allah.


Irvin: That’s what I have read. Now the thing that has made me the most suspicious was, during his first year in office when he went to make his speech in Cairo. He actually stated that, The Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth. I thought, Wait a minute. I’m a Christian. I could never say that! And yet, that is exactly what he said!


Kamal: This is a result of what he learned as a young man in Kenya.


Irvin: I believe he also went to school in Indonesia.
Kamal: Correct..
Irvin: Wow!


Kamal: Look at how he is dismantling Christianity today. President Obama has declared, through the military, that the number one enemy of the United States of America is the Christian church, the evangelical church. That was a declaration. He said it is no longer Hamas or Hezbollah. The first threat is the churches, second is the conservative generals and third is Hamas.


Irvin: Okay. We have to talk a minute about Sunni and Shia. It’s my understanding that Sunni makes up about eighty percent of Islam and the Shia makes fifteen to twenty percent. Can you briefly explain to us what the difference is between Sunni and Shia? Isis is Sunni. Half of Iraq is Sunni. Saddam Hussein was Sunni. Iran is Shia. Bashar al-Assad is a form of Shia—the Alawites.


Kamal: Actually it is not a Shia at all, but they introduce it as such. It’s politics. You don’t talk about religion and politics—it’s just politics. It was taken in to Shiaism because they need that power for Iran to keep the Sunni from taking over. Who are they fighting? They are fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in order to keep them from taking over and implementing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum that they manifested right here in the United States of America. It says specifically that, We will destroy America by the hand of its people and our people. And as a result, they are watching U.S. citizens destroy their own nation right now. Look at what happened in Iraq. America went in there, destroyed Iraq and established a Sharia law government. We did the same thing in Libya, Yemen and Syria. You know that all of these will be Sharia law governments, and this is where ISIS will declare a nation of Islam. This is when al-Mahdi will come about. Who is al-Mahdi? He is the 12th Imam (Islamic religious leader), and he will be the final Imam. He will declare an Islamic nation on earth, and then they will invite their Messiah. Their Messiah will be suspended in the air by the glory of Allah to come. When he comes back, he will be as a Christian. He will come into Damascus on a white horse, break the cross, butcher the pig (Kill the Jews) and declare war on the Jews and the Christians. So this is what al-Mahdi will declare. Therefore, it will be an Islamic civilization nation declared upon us. You see, the only reason why Hamas is hitting Israel right now, without Hezbollah, is specifically and uniquely to divert all the pressure that is taking place with ISIS. Instead, they want everyone to focus on the political agenda, which is Israel and ISIS. They don’t want anyone to know what is really taking place because they are invading the state little by little. Iraq is about to fall altogether, by ISIS. So the difference between a Shia and a Sunni, is that the Shia are the blood line of Mohammed and the Sunni’s are the friends of Mohammed or kind of like his apostles.


Irvin: But, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is the head of ISIS in Iraq, claims that he is a descendent from Mohammed. That is a recent claim that I read.


Kamal: Well, that is a beautiful trick. I don’t know how that is because to be a descendent of someone, you have to be in their bloodline. And the bloodline with the Shia is the Iranian and the Iraqis. These are the bloodline of Mohammed.


Irvin: Doesn’t King Hussein and his son Abdullah II claim to be Shia?


Kamal: They are Sunnis.


Irvin: They are Sunnis?


Kamal: Yes. There is no Shia royalty in the Middle East. That is one of the things Iran was trying to accomplish.


Irvin: In Iraq, ISIS has now changed their name from ISIS to Islamic State, and they are hoping to declare a new caliphate with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the caliph of all Muslims. Since he is Sunni, what is the strength of appeal to this? Does this have a chance of catching fire in the Muslim world and all 1.5 billion Islamic followers rallying together under the banner Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? What are the chances of that happening?


Kamal: The Muslim Brotherhood has a five-step strategy to control the world and bring about its end. They also know that America is the last and strongest bastion for freedom on earth. If they can destroy America, they can bring the whole world down. If they can implement Sharia Law in the U.S., America has the power to enforce that on the rest of the world. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi knows the extent of power that is behind him today. Look at all that ISIS has done and yet, we have only seen the American government hit them a couple places. Here is the problem. Islam has been dormant now since 1924. This has allowed the Muslim young men, like me, to grow up for a long time. Now there are hundreds of American Muslims that want to join ISIS. Our media is not putting it out there. We have thousands upon thousands coming from Europe. It is going to become a massive army, and they will become powerful. Their goal will be to take control of the oil. Once they own the oil, they can control the world. This is why they took Syria and Iraq, and now they will turn to Saudi Arabia…


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