December 20, 2012
The United Nations Global Warming Climate Change Scam | Prophecy in the News

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  1. And people wonder WHY the Holy Bible is the worlds best selling book!!!!! I believe it’s time AMERICA blesses our Lord, he’s coming SOON!!

  2. I have experienced on a person to person basis views of wealth redistribution in California. It is true that the Lord’s return is not far.

  3. Infact, bible have already said,concerning one world government,the world have adjusted in to Anti christ regiem,with the level of lawlessness,all over the world,introducing doctrins of demon.imean,signing,Gay into law,manipulating economic meldown,trigered Global crisses,terrorism, climate change,etc are code to form NWO order. The created united nation,CFR, for that purpose ,to unify the nations together under one unbrella,so that they can vote anti chris into governmemt to rule the world. Iam not suprised,because,the first atempt,is in the bible ,by building towel of Babel.God pass them.our Lord Jesus chris will come and destroy the Evil Government.

    • Carissa we are so close all the prophecy is fulfilled so quickly I could be 10years but maybe none year from now look how quickly things are changing with obamas second term if you still don’t understand I would recomend asking a pastor or close friend to go more into depth with you.

    • Carissa – even if the final 7 years were another 10 or 20 years away, that’s still close.. 20 years will fly right by us in no time…