The United Nations Global Warming Climate Change Scam | Prophecy in the News

By Dave Robbins



The Book of Revelation lets us know that there will be a communistic world government set up just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


This is already functioning today!


After WWII, the United Nations (UN) was founded as an international organization to maintain peace and security by developing friendly relationships between nations and promoting social progress. The idea behind this institution sounds great until it was discovered that the current charter the UN adheres to was drafted by a convicted communist spy, Alger Hiss.


With a communistic agenda driving the mechanics of the United Nations, it is easy to see why and how the global elites have been able to work from within the UN to quietly build a world government. One of the core belief systems of communism or socialism is wealth redistribution. Anytime you hear a politician advocating wealth redistribution, they are promoting a communist agenda.


How are they planning to spread the wealth?


Create a lie-threatening global crisis like global warming and climate change. Then they can pass laws to regulate industry and spread the wealth from developed wealthy nation to poor undeveloped nations. This is exactly what carbon cap and trade laws and the Carbon Credit trading system is designed to do. It is simply a scheme put together by global elites to redistribute the wealth of the world. Compliance to a communistic world governing body is the goal and the global warming/climate change deception is the “life- threatening crisis” that the United Nations has chosen to get there. Cap and trade laws were implemented in California… Wealth redistribution in America!


Thankfully, for those who are paying attention, none of this is surprising since the Bible prophesies the establishment of a world government just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. And according to the rapid rate that we are watching prophecies be fulfilled, that event can’t be very far off!

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