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Vostok-2018: Russia’s Largest War Games Since 1981

From September 11 to 15, Russia will hold its largest war games since 1981. The exercise is called Vostok-2018 and will involve more than 300,000 troops, two Russian naval fleets, more than 1,000 military aircraft and all of Russia’s airborne units. Chinese and Mongolian military units will participate alongside Russian forces. Despite Russia not being […]

Russia deploys fleet off Syria while claiming U.S. preparing for possible strike 

The Russian Ministry of Defence said on Monday it had noticed Washington was building up its military forces in the Middle East in preparation for what Moscow feared was a possible strike on Syrian government forces, Russian news agencies reported.Want to read more articles about Syria?Email*Sign up I’d like to recieve emails on offers, appeals and […]

Russia, Iran, Turkey Meet In Sochi For Syria Discussions

Meeting in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, representatives of Russia, Iran, and Turkey have kicked off two days of talks on issues related to the war in Syria.The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the officials would discuss matters including the formation of a Syrian constitutional committee, the de-escalation zones established in Syria, and […]

Israel shoots down Syrian warplane as Golan frontier heats …

Israel said it shot down a Syrian warplane that crossed into the occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday, but Damascus said the jet was fired on as it took part in sorties against rebels within Syria.The incident added new fuel to weeks of tensions over the Golan, a strategic plateau between the two old enemies and […]

The Most Powerful Military Forces in the World

Every year, Global Firepower releases its list of the most powerful military forces in the world. America predictably tops the list again in 2018, and the rest of the top five is unchanged from last year.But things get more interesting further down the list. Both North and South Korea have moved several places up the […]

World powers rush to build huge, missile-laden submarines

The U.S. has likely been underestimating the number of attack submarines it would need in the Pacific, given the heightened potential for conflict in the region, warned James R. Holmes, professor of strategy at the Naval War College.“You need to divide the number [of total ships] by two, three, or even more to estimate realistically […]

Russia Violates Ceasefire Deal With US and Jordan, As Fighting Escalates in SW Syria

Jordan has warned it cannot take in any more Syrians fleeing the civil war as the Assad regime, backed by Russia, escalates an offensive to recapture strategic territory near the border with Jordan, in apparent violation of a year-old ceasefire agreement between the U.S., Russia and Jordan.With thousands displaced, the fighting in the so-called “de-escalation […]

Report: Iranian-backed Syrian militias change uniforms, head toward Golan

Hezbollah and Iranian- backed Shi’ite militias are concentrating in an area dubbed the “triangle of death” near the Golan Heights, as the Syrian regime prepares its major post-Ramadan offensive.The offensive is designed to defeat the rebels in southern Syria and has raised concerns in Jerusalem, Washington, Moscow and Amman as a potential crisis looms.Be the […]

Putin warns of World War III risk during TV show as US ‘violates nuclear balance’

Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of violating the nuclear balance and warned against a “Third World War” during a television call-in show.Responding to a worried viewer who asked if such a war would occur, Mr Putin called for negotiations in an attempt to return to the strategic parity the United States and Soviet […]

Iran’s Khamenei: Those who attack Iran will be attacked 10 times harder 

Iran’s top leader said on Monday it would respond harshly to any attack and that Western demands for limits on its ballistic missile program are a “dream that will never come true.” “Tehran will attack 10 times more if attacked by enemies… The enemies don’t want an independent Iran in the region… We will continue […]