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Deadlocked After 3 Elections, Israel Seeks Ways to Avert a 4th

After three brutal campaigns, three elections and three failed attempts at forming a government, Israel now finds itself right back where it was over a year ago: deadlocked over the fate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His devotees in Parliament still insist he should stay. They remain outnumbered by lawmakers who want him gone. But […]

Gantz: We’ll respect the voters’ decision, Likud doesn’t have majority

Benny Gantz on Tuesday offered his first reaction to the incomplete results of Monday’s Knesset elections, which showed his Blue and White party coming in second place to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, saying he respects the voters’ decision but adding that the final tally should be waited for. “The election results are coming in […]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future remained up in the air Tuesday as preliminary results and exit polls from Israel’s third election in under a year indicated the embattled leader would fall short of securing the parliamentary majority needed to form a new government. Netanyahu, set to go on trial on corruption charges in two […]

Israel heads for Netanyahu-led minority government. Fourth election? low option

The outcome of Israel’s third election in 11 months points to at least half the electorate’s overwhelming desire for continuity in government rather than the chaos of another deadlocked ballot and the resulting economic havoc. For this reason, Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud and its right-wing bloc came in first, trailed by their challenger, Benny Gantz’s Kahol […]

Benjamin Netanyahu defeats Gantz, but is still short a majority

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on track to win 59 seats for his bloc of right-wing and religious parties in Monday’s election, down by one from the 60 predicted by the initial exit polls. The new prediction leaves him two short of a majority in the Knesset. The first polls indicated that Netanyahu’s Likud won […]

Will Israel’s third election resolve its political crisis? Low turnout predicted

By Tuesday morning, March 3, Israel will know who won and who lost its third election in a year. The size of voter turnout will carry an equally crucial message. Despite efforts by all the parties to combat election-fatigue, more voters than usual are expected to stay away from their polling stations out of two […]

Israeli election: Turnout high despite fears of coronavirus, voter fatigue

Turnout in Israel was high despite precautions over the coronavirus and concerns of voter fatigue Monday as voters participated in national elections for the third time in less than a year. Election officials said more than 27 percent of voters had cast a ballot by noon, marking the highest turnout since 1999 as the parties […]

High Court rejects petition seeking to bar Netanyahu from forming government

The High Court of Justice threw out a petition on Thursday that urged it to bar Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from forming a government after the upcoming March election due to the charges against him in three criminal cases. The court said it would not make a decision on the matter, because the timing was […]

Knesset dissolves, sets unprecedented third election in under a year

Israelis will return to the ballot box for the third consecutive national election in 11 months on March 2 after its top politicians again failed to build a governing coalition, in the latest twist in a sprawling and unprecedented crisis that has left the country in political limbo for a year. The Knesset was automatically […]

Knesset votes on expedited bill to dissolve, hold fresh elections

The Knesset Arrangements Committee approved on Wednesday the dispersal bill for the 22nd Knesset for a first call and vote in the plenum. The rest of the required readings set to be fast-tracked through parliament by the end of the day, as a midnight deadline to either form a new government or hold fresh elections […]