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Palestinian Lecturer: Jews Have No Ties to the Temple Mount

TEL AVIV — Rejecting archeological evidence, the historic record and accepted fact, Maher al-Sousi, a lecturer at the Islamic University of Gaza, claimed that the Jewish temples were never located on the Temple Mount and that Jews have no right to the holiest site in Judaism.   According to al-Sousi, “The Jews have no right […]

‘We need to close the Temple Mount to Muslims’

Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan responded on Friday morning to the shooting attack at the Old City’s Lions Gate in Jerusalem.   “The Cave of the Patriarchs (Me’arat Hamachpelah), the Temple Mount, and Shechem (Nablus) are the three places the Bible tells us were bought at full price in Israel,” Ben-Dahan said. “These are […]

Sanhedrin Calls For Trump to Fulfill King Solomon’s Mandate by Praying on Temple Mount

The nascent Sanhedrin sent a letter on Monday to US President Donald Trump, calling on him to ascend to the Temple Mount and pray for world peace when he arrives in Jerusalem next week for his first state visit. If Trump chooses to answer the call, he will not only be making a powerful political […]

Animal Sacrifices in the Third Temple? | Prophecy Update

The Bible prophesies the Antichrist will cause the sacrifices to stop; consequently, we can be sure that there will be sacrifices offered at the time of his reign.

Benjamin Netanyahu assesses allowing ministers and MKs to visit Temple Mount

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided on Monday to assess past policy which disallowed lawmakers and ministers to visit the Temple Mount. According to a Channel 2 news report, the measure will only come into force after considering the security situation in three months time, once the Jewish holidays and the Muslim month of Ramadan month […]

Follow Footsteps of King Cyrus and Build Third Temple, Sanhedrin Tells Iran

The nascent Sanhedrin has turned a dispute between the Israeli Prime Minister and the Iranian Foreign Minister into an opportunity to invite Israel’s greatest enemy to help build the Third Temple. This offer is not nearly as preposterous as some may think, and has an undeniable precedent the Iranian Minister is quite proud to admit. […]

Time to Build the Third Temple

The building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem by Rick Brinegar & Dave Robbins   Many of the events prophesied to occur in the end time will be recognizable. These will include the catastrophic Sixth Trumpet War, a peace agreement in the Middle East, the establishment of a world government and […]

New Gush Etzion Council head ascends Temple Mount

Shlomo Neeman, yesterday elected (Tuesday) head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, visited the Temple Mount this morning. “I thank G-d for having been elected and consider it to be a heaven sent mission to lead the region,” said Neeman. “May G-d grant success to endeavors, and to those of the people of Israel.” A […]

9 Proofs the End Time is Now!

Am I living in the end time? A war will begin from the vicinity of the Euphrates River that will kill one-third of the human race. (Revelation 9:13-16) The Euphrates River is located in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran–all states dominated by Islam. ISIS has captured approximately forty percent of the Euphrates River in the last two […]

Esteemed Israeli archeologist censured at Temple Mount

One of the nation’s most vaunted archeologists said he is not daunted by an incident on the Temple Mount Sunday where he was rebuked by a Muslim Wakf guard and police officer for referring to Judaism’s holiest site as the “Temple Mount” during a tour on the compound with US college students. Jerusalem Prize winner […]