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Knowing the Truth | Prophecy Update

God has filled the Bible with prophecies so that people who are seeking the truth might see these prophecies fulfilled and consequently believe in the truth of the Bible. Here at End of the Age we explain how these prophecies are coming to pass right now.

A Threatening Prophecy | Prophecy Update

One of the most threatening Bible prophecies for the end time foretells that a massive, unprecedented war will begin from the area of the Euphrates River. Today, Russia issued a warning that any aircraft discovered west of the river Euphrates, could be shot down. The warning was issued after a US Navy fighter plane shot […]

Jerusalem Undivided | Prophecy Update

The Bible prophesies that Jerusalem will not be divided under the coming Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. A bill is being introduced in the Israeli Knesset to prevent Jerusalem from being divided.

Christian Oppression | Prophecy Update

First they came for the wedding planners and the bakers. Then they came for the Catholic farmers and the Baptist high school valedictorians. And now, the secularists are coming after the evangelical public servants.

Moving Toward Great Tribulation | Prophecy Update

Will Muslims rule the world and implement Sharia Law globally?

50th Anniversary of Jerusalem | Prophecy Update

Exactly 50 years ago today, the city of Jerusalem was reunited under Jewish control for the first time in 1,897 years.

Fighting Against Open Borders | Prophecy Update

Question: How are the European Union’s open border policies working out for them?

Trump Postponed The Move | Prophecy Update

Prophecy tells us the United States will stand with and protect Israel in the end times. Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be one more way of showing our allegiance to Israel as our greatest ally in the Middle East. Only time will tell if and when this will occur…

Trump’s Peace Plan | Prophecy Update

The Bible prophesies that a peace agreement will be signed between the Palestinians and the Israelis, which will start the final seven years to Armageddon.

Jerusalem the Capital | Prophecy Update

In 1980, Israel officially annexed east Jerusalem declaring united Jerusalem to be the undivided and eternal capital of the Jewish people.