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Israel’s ambassador to Germany urges Jews to make aliya

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, said he “does not envy any Jew living in Europe today” and invited those who feel unsafe in the wake of recent anti-Semitic attacks to “come to [Israel] at any time.”   In an interview published Sunday in the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel, Hadas-Handelsman echoed last week’s invitation by Israeli […]

Austrian prosecutor: Call to kill Jews is legal criticism of Israel

Facebook postings from a Turkish man showing Adolf Hitler, with a statement praising the death of Jews, are a legitimate expression of criticizing the Jewish state, the spokesman for the prosecutor office in the city of Linz, Philip Christl, said on Tuesday.   “I could have annihilated all the Jews in the world, but I […]

Anti-Semitic horrors don’t exist in Obama’s world

At Tuesday’s press briefing, White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest said something disgusting — I don’t know how else to describe it — about the massacre at the Hyper Casher kosher supermarket in Paris one month ago. “The individuals who were killed in that terrible, tragic incident,” Earnest droned, “were killed not because of who they […]

UK needs to take urgent action over anti-Semitism

“A more sophisticated understanding of anti-Semitism is needed, together with better defined boundaries of acceptable discourse.” Across Europe, Jews have warned of a growing under-current of anti-Semitism, fuelled by anger at Israeli policy in the Middle East and social tensions over immigration and increasing economic hardship under austerity policies that have helped far-right movements gain […]

Obama ignites social media by calling Paris kosher deli attack ‘random’

US President Barack Obama came under attack this week, particularly in the news and on social media circles, after he appeared to have avoided characterizing as anti-Semitic the attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris last month in which the only four victims killed were Jewish.   Questions first percolated after an Obama press conference […]

Pray for Victims of Deadly Crash in Negev

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick, who survived an assassination attempt by a Palestinian Arab terrorist last October, on Tuesday called on the public to pray for people who were injured in a deadly crash in the Negev.   Tuesday’s crash occurred when a bus and a truck pulling a tractor collided, killing eight people on […]

Settlers mulling life under Palestinian Authority rule

Although it’s hardly mainstream thinking, voices on both sides are quietly contemplating an alternative: Perhaps some Jews can live in a future Palestine, even if only in small numbers, the way Arabs live in Israel.   That would reduce Israel’s challenge, perhaps avoiding possible violent settler resistance. It would also absolve the Palestinians of an […]

Europe’s Jews ponder: Is it time to flee again?

Eighty years ago, Jael Botsch-Fitterling’s parents decided something was very wrong in Germany, the nation they called home. Chancellor Adolf Hitler had just named himself fuhrer, and anti-Semitism was becoming national law. Her parents and other relatives packed up and fled.   Because of that move, six years later she was born in Jerusalem in […]

On Auschwitz anniversary, leader warns Jews again targets

A Jewish leader stood Tuesday before 300 survivors of the Nazis’ most notorious death camp and asked world leaders to prevent another Auschwitz, warning of a rise of anti-Semitism that has made many Jews fearful of walking the streets, and is causing many to flee Europe.   Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish […]

France’s Jewish migrants face challenge of life in Israel

At a busy supermarket in Jerusalem a smartly dressed woman, recently arrived in Israel, was stopping shoppers to ask if anyone spoke French. Having found a candidate, her first question was: “Where’s the cheese counter?” For Jews coming to “the Jewish state” from all corners reached by the diaspora, the move may bring relief, but […]