Isis will take over US if Clinton wins, says Trump

Donald Trump warned voters at a rally in Ocala, Florida that electing Hillary Clinton in November would lead Isis to “take over this country” and reprised the claim that they were “hoping and praying” she becomes president.   Trump vowed that as president he would keep “keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our […]

Isis poses ‘sustained’ threat to US for years to come despite loss of territory

The United States will face years of “sustained vulnerability” from Islamic State fighters even after the fall of its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria, intelligence chiefs have warned.   Giving evidence in the wake of the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey bombings, they told a Senate panel on Tuesday that pushing […]

Trump met with Israeli President Netanyahu and discussed ISIS, Iran, and Palestinians

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday discussed the Iran nuclear deal, the battle against Islamic State, Israel’s security fence and other regional concerns.   After an hourlong meeting at Trump Tower in New York, Trump’s campaign issued a statement saying the candidate described US military assistance to Israel […]

US-led coalition airstrike on chemical-weapons facility near Mosul

US-led coalition airstrikes continued to hit ISIS targets in northern Iraq in the first half of September, as Iraqi ground forces reportedly prepare to launch operations to retake the terrorist group’s biggest remaining city, Mosul.   On September 12, three strikes hit an ISIS headquarters building that Operation Inherent Resolve officials have said was also […]

Is Mosul heading for a last ‘apocalyptic’ IS stand?

Whatever else the battle for Mosul may involve, it will not be the element of surprise. The operation to drive so-called Islamic State (IS) from Iraq’s second-largest city has been long promised and much delayed. The latest indications are it could begin next month, more than two years after IS took Mosul and proclaimed its […]

US led coalition airstrikes taunting ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria

US-led coalition airstrikes have continued to target ISIS positions and infrastructure in northern Iraq in recent weeks, as Iraqi ground forces move closer to the terrorist group’s stronghold in Mosul, the largest city it still controls.   Now it seems that campaign has added a new rhetorical flourish.   Officials added text saying “You can […]

jihadists have snuck into Schengen migrant streams to attacks Europe & UK

And most frighteningly of all – terror experts have backed up the chilling claims.   During the migrant crisis it was feared jihadists could sneak through the European Union’s porous borders as thousands arrived into the continent daily from war-torn nations.   This included in July, Mohammad Daleel, a 27-year-old failed asylum seeker, who blew […]

UN’s human rights chief compares ‘demagogues’ Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Geert Wilders to Isis

The UN’s human rights chief has compared controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders to Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Isis, in a hard-hitting speech at The Hague.   Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, who has held the position for two years, called for action to confront European and US politicians who breed “an atmosphere thick with hate”, as […]

ISIS buried thousands in 72 mass graves

Approximately 72 of the mass graves that ISIS extremists left behind have been uncovered. Many more mass graves will likely be found as ISIS retreats.   In Syria, AP obtained 17 mass grave locations, including one with hundreds of bodies from a single tribe. In total, the number of the dead ranges from 5,200 to […]

‘IDF preparing for scenario in which hundreds of terrorists from Sinai attack’

This week Col. Yehuda HaCohen will be wrapping up his service as commander of the Sagi Brigade. HaCohen worked for the last two years to prepare the brigade for scenarios that the IDF had never even thought of before.   The Sagi Brigade sits on a 170 kilometer stretch watching over the Israeli-Sinai border. Under the […]