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Thunberg dubs new EU climate law ‘a surrender’

  A group of youth climate activists, including Greta Thunberg, have said that the climate law unveiled by the European Commission on Wednesday (4 March) is a “surrender” that postpones immediate action to mitigate climate change. “Such a law sends a strong signal that real and sufficient action is being taken when in fact it’s […]

New EU ‘Climate Law’ Isn’t Good Enough for Greta Thunberg

Have you noticed that the civilized world hasn’t ceased all economic activity yet? Everybody’s still living their lives, going to work and putting food on the table and whatnot, even though Greta Thunberg, child-priestess of climate change, isn’t happy about it. But unlike every other pouty 17-year-old on the planet, everybody’s supposed to defer to […]

Exclusive: inside the media conspiracy to hype Greta Thunberg

Over 250 news outlets and journalists partnered with Columbia University School of Journalism’s flagship magazine to shape control of “climate crisis” coverage in the lead up to the United Nations climate conference. The coverage-coordination initiative included directing how much time, space and prominence should be devoted to the coverage, and asking that climate “news” be […]

Climate Child Abuse? Using Children to Lobby for Action on Climate Change

With a mother who is an opera singer and a father who is an actor, it stands to reason that young Greta Thunberg would follow her parents’ footsteps into the performing arts. Greta (shown) — a 16-year-old who can pass for 12 — has become an international star for her role in the traveling production […]