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Senators Introduce Resolution Calling for Senate Approval of Any Paris Climate Agreement

A bipartisan group of senators introduced a resolution last week expressing the sense of the Senate that any agreement reached at the climate talks in Paris next month “shall have no force or effect” unless the Senate gives its “advice and consent”.   According to the resolution jointly introduced on Thursday by Senators Jim Inhofe […]

Western leaders vow to destroy IS as Brussels hunkers down

Belgian prosecutors announced early Monday that police had detained 16 people in 22 raids but that Paris fugitive Salah Abdeslam was not among them. Despite the raids, authorities maintained their highest terror alert in the capital for a third straight day.   Federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said 19 raids were carried out in […]

Brussels Maintains Maximum Threat Level for Second Day, Belgium On Alert

Belgium will maintain the highest terror alert level for the capital of Brussels for a third day Monday, indicating a “serious and imminent” threat of attack, the country’s prime minister said.   Brussels would remain under a threat level four on a four-tier scale, meaning public transportation and schools would remain shuttered, said Prime Minister […]

Egypt accuses US of being the mastermind of Paris attacks

Two days ago, the most widely circulated Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, which is understood to be loyal to the state, continued its demonization of America by running a cartoon depicting Islamic State as a man, marked “Made in USA,” eating another alive, while a person-world is pointing two fingers at the victim, saying “Muslim, terrorist.”   […]

Paris Attacks and Other Assaults Seen as Evidence of a Shift by ISIS

The recent attacks in Paris and Beirut and the downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt were the first results of a centrally planned terrorism campaign by a wing of the Islamic State leadership that oversees “external” targets, according to American and European intelligence officials.   The Islamic State’s overseas operations planning cell offers strategic […]

Paris Attacks Force European Union to Act on Border Controls

If Europe’s system of passport-free travel was not under enough pressure after a summer of chaotic migration, then last week’s attacks in Paris have fortified doubts over how much longer that freedom of movement — one of the most cherished accomplishments of the European Union — can survive.   The Nov. 13 massacres in Paris […]

The Paris attacks have shifted the momentum in the privacy-surveillance debate

The job of the United States’ intelligence agencies is, at its simplest, to know everything about any potential threat to or opponent of the country. It is to know what the premier of China said to his assistant right before dinner and to know where two Islamic State terrorists are headed in their car. It’s […]

After Paris, Pope Francis Tells Christians to Be Ready for the End of the World

In his Angelus message Sunday, the Pope invited the ten thousand pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter’s Square to think about their death, the day they will meet God and give an accounting for their life.The Pope also explicitly addressed the Paris carnage, expressing his “deep sorrow for the terrorist attacks that bloodied France late on […]

Hollande, Obama lack the troops and will for total war on ISIS. Mid East rulers are even more reluctant

When French President Francois Hollande declared war on ISIS and called the attack in Paris an “act of war,” he gave the terrorist organization’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi an unexpected boost. He upgraded the Muslim caliphate to a fully-fledged state against which France is now at war. US President Barack Obama was more cautious, declaring at […]

Republicans demand US lead a new war to ‘eradicate Isis’ after Paris attacks

Following a Democratic television debate on Saturday that was dominated by calls for a tougher response to Islamic State radicals, leading Republicans joined the fray on Sunday in a series of political interviews that also saw linked attacks on immigration and calls for more intelligence surveillance.   “This is clearly an act of war and […]