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Netanyahu blasts Iran nuclear deal

Washington (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the agreement between Tehran and world powers as a “bad deal,” as Barack Obama affirmed his support for long-time ally Israel despite differences over the nuclear accord.   An outline deal agreed in Switzerland on Thursday paves the way for Tehran to curtail its nuclear activity […]

Still time to reach better nuclear deal with Iran

Netanyahu, in the first of several appearances on US Sunday news programs, said he has spoken with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress – nearly two thirds of House of Representatives members and a similar number in the US Senate – about the Iran nuclear issue. The prime minister has been strongly critical of the […]

‘Unconscionable’ that world talks with Iran as Tehran calls for destruction of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued on Wednesday to rail against the Iranian nuclear deal being negotiated in Lausanne, saying it was outrageous that the world negotiates with Tehran as one of its military leaders says Israel’s destruction is “non-negotiable.”   “Yesterday an Iranian general brazenly declared and I quote: ‘Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable’, but evidently […]

Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran deal: Israel not ‘burying head,’ will do what is needed to secure its future

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted on Tuesday that Israel will not be bound by the Iran nuclear accord being negotiated in Lausanne, and “will do everything to defend our security and our future.”   Netanyahu, speaking at the ceremonial opening of the 20th Knesset just hours before the Western powers’ self-imposed deadline for reaching a […]

Jewish Democrats call on Obama to cool rhetoric against Benjamin Netanyahu

Some Jewish House Democrats called on President Barack Obama to tamp down the rhetoric against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.   The Congress members issued the demand last week at a meeting with deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, Politico reported Sunday. The meeting was the latest in a series of regular briefings that […]

Obama campaign interference backfired

US president Barack Obama inadvertently helped Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election by interfering in the March 17 race, Democratic and Republican strategists who advised Israeli parties said in recent days.   The Obama administration has been increasingly critical of Netanyahu since he won the election. The statements by the strategists indicated that the president only […]

Is Obama strong-arming Benjamin Netanyahu into unity deal with the left?

The Obama administration’s most recent threat to “re-evaluate” the US approach toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs to be exposed for what it is: a backhanded attempt to influence the composition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming ruling coalition and pressure him into a unity deal with left-wing parties.   Read More: Is Obama strong-arming Benjamin […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to receive mandate on Wednesday to form government

President Reuven Rivlin will entrust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with forming his fourth government at the President’s Residence on Wednesday night, after Rivlin receives the official results of the March 17 election from the head of the Central Elections Committee, Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran.Netanyahu will have 28 days to form a government – until […]

Obama says prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace are ‘dim’

Mr Netanyahu’s statements angered the White House, even though he has since tried to soften his remark. Tensions between the US and Israel have been growing as the leaders have wrangled over a number of issues. But Mr Obama described his relationship with Mr Netanyahu as “businesslike.” “I’ve met with him more than any other […]

Obama says differences with Benjamin Netanyahu not personal

US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that his differences with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not personal but are based on fundamental policy differences over Middle East peace.   Obama said it was hard to envision a path to a two-state solution to the conflict – long sought by the […]