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Assad says Russia campaign must succeed in Syria

Syria’s President Bashar Assad said in comments Sunday that the air campaign by Russia against “terrorists” in his country must succeed or the whole region will be destroyed, stressing that the fight against terrorism must precede a political process.   In the interview with Iran’s Khabar TV, Assad also accused Western nations of fueling the […]

Assad allies, including Iranians, prepare ground attack in Syria: sources

Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria in the last 10 days and will soon join government forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies in a major ground offensive backed by Russian air strikes, two Lebanese sources told Reuters.   “The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advances by […]

Syria conflict: Russia defends air strikes

The Kremlin says it is acting on the request of the Syrian government to help combat IS militants – who have seized parts of Syria and Iraq – and other designated terrorist groups. But the US and its allies fear the strikes have mainly targeted opponents of Russia’s ally, President Assad. Mr Lavrov, speaking at […]

Saudi FM: Assad must go or face ‘military option’

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad must leave office or face being removed by force, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said, rejecting Russia’s bid to build support for its ally.   Speaking in New York after meeting Saudi Arabia’s allies, Jubeir on Tuesday dismissed Russia’s call for a coalition to defend Assad against ISIS as a “non-starter.” […]

Russia Launches Syrian Air Strikes to Back Putin Ally Assad

Russia carried out its first air attacks against Islamic State targets in Syria, hitting arms and ammunition stores and transport and communication equipment, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said by phone. Syrian state-run TV cited an unnamed military source as saying Russian jets struck several Islamic State targets in Syria’s central Homs and Hama […]

Russia cant claim to fight ISIS terror, while supporting Assads terror

Saudi Arabia, a leading foe of President Bashar Assad, demanded his ally Russia end its raids on Syria, saying the strikes had caused civilian casualties while failing to target the hardline Islamic State militants Moscow says it opposes.In remarks at the United Nations in New York, a senior Saudi diplomat suggested both Russia and Assads […]

Putin Forms New “Anti-ISIS” Coalition With Syria’s Assad

As the Obama administration’s strategy of showering U.S. support on “moderate” jihadists in Syria under the guise of fighting the Islamic State continues to blow up in everyone’s face, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin (shown) is making deals to battle ISIS alongside Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, the Iranian regime, Beijing, and even the Iraqi government installed […]

Obama: Assad must go, revs up coalition against ISIS

US President Barack Obama said Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad must go if the Islamic State group is to be defeated, as he rallied world leaders to revitalize the coalition campaign against the jihadists.   A day after clashing with Russian President Vladimir Putin over how to handle the crisis in Syria, Obama hosted a counterterrorism […]

Russia ‘plans forward air operating base’ in Syria

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said there had been a steady flow of people and equipment in the coastal area.   Russia says military equipment is being sent to Syria to help the government combat the so-called Islamic State.   Moscow has been a key ally of President Assad during Syria’s bloody civil war, which began […]

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: ‘We trust the Russians’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said he is confident that his main allies, Russia and Iran, will stand by him. There has been speculation that they might abandon him to allow a settlement to be reached to end the fighting in Syria. Mr Assad said he welcomed Russian officials meeting different factions in the conflict […]