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79 Percent of Evangelicals See Violence in Middle East as Sign End Times Are Near

Nearly eight out of 10 Evangelicals say they believe the ongoing violence in the Middle East is an indication that the rapture is on the horizon, a new survey released Friday shows. Research conducted by the Brookings Institute’s Center for Middle East Policy on Americans’ attitudes toward the Middle East and Israel found that 79 […]

It’s apocalypse now in Israel

An Israeli National Parks worker says a number of strange and frightening weather events, including one that came just as the nation was celebrating the Jewish New Year, have caused alarm.   Extreme heat, sandstorms and floods all have been reported.   “It felt like the apocalypse, the rain has been torrential, there were about […]

NASA refutes John Hagee claims fourth Blood Moon will end earth

MINORITY Christian groups have predicted the world will end later this month when, they say, a ‘blood moon’ will cause an apocalyptic meteor strike. Scientists state that a ‘blood moon’ will occur on September 28 as the moon passes into the shadow of the earth cast by the Sun (a lunar eclipse) it appears copper […]

Saddam Hussein in the Bible

The name Saddam is in the Bible. There are seven trumpets that sound in the book of Revelation. The name Saddam is included in the description of events that happen under the sounding of the 5th Trumpet. Before we actually go there, let’s take a look at some of the preceding trumpets. This will help […]