The Final 7 Years

November 23, 2018   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , ,

Daniel’s 70th Week

Do you understand the prophecy that states a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement will begin the final 7 years to Armageddon? Could you explain this critical prophecy to your family and friends? Do you know where the prophecy is in the Bible? Today, we will explain what will soon be the greatest prophetic fulfillment in 2,000 years!

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6 Responses to “The Final 7 Years”

  1. Julie Ocheltree

    Mr Baxter, Hello I hope all is well. Back around your Birthday I purchased 10 of your Understanding The End Times 14 DVDS. I need help finding the people who really want one but can’t buy one! The Church’s are in their own little world with eyes closed And fingers in their ears! I’m so sad. We might start something by you telling your listeners that some people will buy one for a family who has no way of getting one for their self or the Church they attend. I have 8 , just cover shipping. Would you help make a connection. This is on the back of the giver. And this might motivate someone to do what I’m trying to do and perhaps more might get out the door where you make them. Let’s think on this can we. You let me know. If you know of someone now ,give them my email.
    I read one comment on your web and I wished I knew who it was! If they only could know ,it is possible. I call all givers to step up do for those who can’t.
    Thanks and you are a great watchman! Love ya! J. Ocheltree

  2. Dear Pastor doctor Baxter Thanks you so much ! I finished the Jerusalem prophecy college and think of starting a homepage if God wants it – because as a matter of fact – I can not get it into my mind that so few people get the alarming truth we are living in right now !!! And say and behave as christians…. but seem to me to fail in the uttermost necssity – in my point of view – being alert with the holy spirit that we have to be ready – right now for the prophecy that could not be clearer easier being folded out in front of ouer eyes every day !