Peace Plan Update: Two-State Solution

July 24, 2019   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , ,


Special Mideast Envoy Jason Greenblatt has suddenly disclosed that President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is based on a two-state solution. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has stated that a two-state solution is necessary for a Middle East peace agreement. Will Greenblatt’s disclosure be enough to bring Abbas back to peace negotiations?

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2 Responses to “Peace Plan Update: Two-State Solution”

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Brent,

      Because the Palestinians believe that they have right to the land of Israel and Jews believes they have rights to the land of Israel. The Bible gives us the understanding that there will be Jewish people living in Judea at the time of the Abomination of Desolation, Jesus warns that they should flee this area.(Matthew 24:15-21). Judea is the area stated in UN resolution 2334, this resolution states that the Jewish settlers living in Judea, illegally occupy territory belonging to Palestine. And the Jewish settlers are guilty of breaking International law.

      A little history;

      In November 29, 1947, the United Nations approved a plan to separate the British Mandate territory of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. As part of this plan, Jerusalem would have been under international control. United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine or United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 was not successful in creating two states; the Arab world strongly rejected it, and fighting between Jews and Arabs began almost immediately after the resolution’s passage. However, the borders it laid out have been critical to subsequent negotiations.

      In the 1967 war, Israel captured even more of the Land during the 6 day war. This included the Temple Mount, Israel controls the Temple Mount today and allows the Muslim WAQF to manage it. So, the dispute over the area remains today, Palestine wants its own state including Jerusalem as its capital. Israel says it will never surrender the Temple Mount or Jerusalem. President Trump, proclaimed Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and moved our embassy there.