Key Prophetic Fulfillments

November 28, 2018   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


Several key prophetic fulfillments are presently in progress. Preparation for the mark of the beast, emergence of world government, World War III, One-world religion, the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire, the Great Tribulation and a Middle East peace plan are all moving forward right on God’s schedule. We’ll discuss some of these developments on today’s edition of End of the Age.

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2 Responses to “Key Prophetic Fulfillments”

  1. The number of the name of the antichrist is calculated using gematria (Google it). If you are not calculating suspected antichrist’s names using Hebrew or Greek gematria, you are not using the correct method. The Bible states that the number of his name will add up to 666, not that his name will mean “mark” or “God with us” or anything like that. Here are a couple of sites that explain gematria:

    Note: There are numerous gematria calculators on the web. I have not found 1 that is accurate all of the time. Most of them are garbage. Calculate by hand.

  2. The Day of Christ coming will not happen until there comes a great falling away FIRST {WHICH YOU SAY WAS THE DARK AGES} and the man of sin be revealed…. this is a very general interpretation which the church was being calmed as to those who tried to say that it was at hand and or had already occurred which is the scare tactics some use today in their LEFT BEHIND IN A PRE TRIB RAPTURE! Paul was upset that the church was frozen in fear and no longer preaching and teaching Christ crucified gospel. The church was still actively following the Great Commission and souls being added. Today in America in the Laodicean age church this is no longer the case but an immature let’s play church with few preaching repentance and godly living by walking in the Spirit as today the church tries to blend in as sinners saved by confessing hypergrace and being a friend to the world falsely claiming they are showing God’s grace and love. When the man of sin comes on the scene with his false deceitful peace agreement they will be deceived and FALL TAKING MANY WITH THEM AS CHAOS AND CONFUSION SETS IN THINKING WE HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND. APOSTASY IS A HALLMARK OF PROPHECY AT THE END OF THE AGE! Their confusion and deceit comes from the lie that they believe in that they are pretrib!!! They become slothful in soul winning and become a friend to worldly lifestyles. Everybody goes to heaven just like they are because GOD LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE! DON’T REPENT AND DON’T SEEK THE HOLY GHOST… AND THEY DON’T! THE BIBLE SAYS THEY WON’T! WHY??? BECAUSE THEY’VE EEN DECEIVED BY HYPER GRACE AND ESCAPIST LAZY ATTITUDES OF PRE TRIB and WORLDLINESS!!! It will and has become a salvational issue!!! IT IS THE SPIRIT OF THE AGE THAT CHRIST, THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS WARNED THE CHURCH OF… DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!