Who Should Occupy Israel?

Jordan’s Illegal Invasion

In 1948, the country of Jordan illegally invaded the Holy Land in its attempt to destroy the nation of Israel. They failed, but continued to illegally occupy Judea-Samaria for the next 19 years. In 1967, Jordan again launched a war against Israel in an attempt to eradicate the Jewish nation once and for all. This time, Israel counterattacked pushing Jordan out of the territory it had occupied and back across the Jordan River.
Israel has now possessed its biblical Promised Land for going on 50 years. Still, the International Community says that Israel must withdraw from the territory she captured from the illegal Jordanian occupation.
Many in Israel believe the time has come to officially annex the area of Judea-Samaria where at least 800,000 Israelis now live. Is it time to normalize the situation after almost 50 years? We’ll discuss the pros and the cons on today’s edition of Politics & Religion.

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