UN Confirms the Use of Chemical Weapons

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By Hollye Robbins


John Kerry Returning to Israel

Concerning the peace talks in Israel, Kerry has returned to Israel this week, for his second visit in two weeks’ time. This return was right after he was warned by the Palestinians that his security suggestions would be a complete failure.


It was stated by the State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, that “This is an important time in the negotiations, and he felt it was important to return to the region,” and that these talks would discuss “all of the issues on the table.”  She also informed that he would be spending two more days in Israel and Ramallah.


He is scheduled to meet in Ramallah with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. It has been announced by the state department that Kerry is going to keep discussing the issues that were talked about the week before when he met with the leaders of Israel and Palestine.


He mentioned that he trusts they were nearer to this agreement then they have been in a long time. He further stated on Thursday the spring date that they are shooting for to have an agreement is still achievable.


Retailers Tracking Consumers for Further Customer Satisfaction

In the US today, stores are working extra hard to keep track of their customers. WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW IF BIG BROTHER WAS TRACKING YOU WHILE YOU SHOPPED?


It was reported by a CBS 2 reporter that there are stores that are actually using further technology to keep track of the shoppers  and make sure they are happy. They even have mannequins with cameras in their eyes!! The stores have said that it helps them to make sure their customers are further satisfied. This is obviously causing some worry about privacy.


A gentleman by the name of Alfonso Perez has created Shopperception which is a system that can keep track of the products that customer’s choose. In the past year, his business has been doubled. “We have evolved in the way in which we want our products tailored to our liking,” stated Perez.


Should their be a concern for privacy? Different technology developers say that their commodity does not intrude any more than the normal surveillance in the public that everyone has gotten used to.


UN Inspectors Confirm the Use of Chemical Weapons

In International News, UN Inspectors Confirm the Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Conflict.


There have been at least 5 confirmations that chemical weapons have been in use throughout the Syrian Conflict. There have been children and civilians that have died in certain cases according to the UN report.


There has been evidence found in different Syrian districts. The report stated, “The United Nations Mission concludes that chemical weapons have been used in the ongoing conflict between the parties in the Syrian Arab Republic,”.


The UN Security Council did not require the team to blame anyone for these strikes. So the report did not give blame to anyone.


The President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad has said that he does have chemical weapons in his forces, but he has promised that he would give them over to the international teams. He claims that these weapons were not used to kill civilians.


The report further stated, “The United Nations Mission remains deeply concerned that chemical weapons were used in the ongoing conflict between the parties in the Syrian Arabic Republic, which has added yet another dimension to the continued suffering of the Syrian people,”


Russia and the US have a plan, which has been approved by the UN, to destroy the chemical weapons in Syria