NSA Considering Snowden Amnesty for Documents

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By Vince Stegall


Another Vacation For The Obama Family

President Obama and the first family will depart from Washington, D. C. on December 20th for a 17-day vacation in Hawaii. Yes, 17 days! The exact details of this trip are unknown at the moment.


However, in the past the Obama’s spent the Christmas break in a wonderful rented home with a wonderful view of the ocean on Oahu. President Obama has rented an over $24,000 per week gated estate equipped with a private white-sand beach and security.


President Obama did come home early last year to assist with the budget deal with Congress. Perhaps a full vacation is in order?


While the average family of four spends just over $4,000 on a vacation, the Obama’s vacations cost over a million dollars. Is this unreasonable? After all he is the president of the free world.


Be sure to tell us if you think this is uncalled for and how much you would say should be budgeted for the President’s vacations.


NSA Considering Snowden Amnesty for Documents

The National Security Agency officials are considering a controversial amnesty that would return Snowden to the United States in exchange for the documents that he took from the NSA almost a year ago.


Richard Ledgett, an NSA official involved in the Snowden case, told CBS News an amnesty will remains controversial within the agency, which has spent the past six months defending itself against a global outcry and legislative and executive proposals to restrain its broad surveillance activities.


“My personal view is, yes, it’s worth having a conversation about,” Ledgett said in an interview slated to air Sunday evening on 60 Minutes. “I would need assurances that the remainder of the data could be secured, and my bar for those assurances would be very high. It would be more than just an assertion on his part.”


In June, the Justice Department filed a complaint charging Snowden with theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information, and “willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person.”


NSA Director, General Keith Alexander, told CBS that the amnesty would reward the leaks and potentially provide incentive for future leaks.


18-Year-Old Gunman In Colorado School

As many have already heard by now Karl Pierson went into Arapahoe High School on Friday, December 13th with a shotgun looking for Tracy Murphy, the debate team instructor, whom he had a confrontation with earlier. The teacher was alerted and left the building immediately.


Pierson made no attempt to hide what he was doing as he walked from the parking lot to the school with his weapon visible. Additionally, he did shoot 17-year-old Claire Davis in his pursuit for the teacher. It is currently unknown if she was shot intentionally.


Claire is in critical condition today after being shot point blank in the head.