Nigerian Law Bans Homosexuality

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By Anthony Vandagriff


Missiles land near the grave site of Ariel Sharon

On Saturday, January 11, Ariel Sharon, who had been in a coma for the last eight years, passed away.  Ariel Sharon was considered by some to be the greatest military strategist of modern time while some considered him to be not so great.


He was credited as being the father of the settlement movement and teaching the Jewish people how to fight and settle.  On the other hand, many were disturbed by his decision to withdraw 8,000 Jews from Gaza in 2005.


What alerted people is two projectiles landed in an open area at the northern border of Gaza.  This was very close to the family ranch where Sharon was laid to rest but it was claimed this was not the intention.


President Obama eases up on Iran

Over the weekend, a deal took place with Iran offering them sanctions relief for rolling back their nuclear program.  President Barak Obama urged Congress not to impose new sanctions on Iran.  The President stated this deal “allows us to have the time and space.”


President Obama is hoping to give diplomacy a chance and worst case scenario, Iran turns against the terms of the deal, the international community would be in a great position to respond to this rebellion.


Those in Congress who are skeptical of this plan believe the strong sanctions were the reason Iran even came to the negotiating table in the first place.  They are worried now may be too soon to ease pressure on Iran fearing that any progress could be loss.

Nigerian Law bans homosexuality

By this time, everyone is aware of the constant increase of homosexuality in the US.  Much of this is a result of granting freedom to all people.  Although the US rules homosexuality unlawful, other nations are stepping up to fight against it.


The Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, signed an anti-gay bill into law that proscribes not only same sex marriage but also affiliation with homosexual organizations.


People who are found participating in a homosexual club will face up to ten years in prison.  Those who enter into same sex marriage or a civil union will receive a harsher punishment extending to a possible 14 years in prison.


To no surprise, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke out against this decision.  He was deeply concerned that this decision, “dangerously restricts freedom of assembly, association and expression for all Nigerians.”


In spite of this and many other Western countries opening up to homosexuality many African countries and some others have pursued to tighten laws against homosexuality.  In fact, Uganda’s parliament passed a bill that would punish acts of homosexuality with life in prison.  The bill is awaiting the signature of the president.

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