Kissinger: An Interim Peace Agreement

Former United States Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger on Wednesday said that an interim agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) must ensure that Israel’s security concerns are met but also ensure the dignity of the Palestinians.


“My view remains that we will be better off with an interim agreement. The problem of attaching the word ‘final’ to an agreement is that it makes it vulnerable to attack. It would be easier for Arab countries to join if some parts remain blank,” he added.


These statements by Kissinger are fascinating seeing that the Bible prophesies an interim agreement for the Middle East. Scripture states there will be a seven-year agreement with the status of Jerusalem left unresolved.


After the seven-year agreement expires, the status of Jerusalem will once again come up for negotiation. Agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will be impossible; consequently, the UN will pass a resolution demanding that east Jerusalem be given to the Palestinians for their capital. Israel will refuse, triggering the invasion of Israel by the world community. This invasion will trigger the world’s last war—the Battle of Armageddon.

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