Iran Nuclear Deal has Skeptics

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By Anthony Vandagriff




Google Glass fits your prescription

Google has been working on a product for a while now known as Google Glass.  This is essentially a small screen that comes across the right eye allowing an individual to almost have a computer in their eye.  There was an uproar about a year ago dealing with people viewing pornography with this technology.


Google has strayed away from that and has pursued an expansion for Glass.  They have partnered with a vision-care giant, VSP Global in order to offer prescription glasses attached with Google Glass.  Not only can you purchase prescription glasses but you can also get custom frames to go along with them.


This move widens the market for Google Glass because approximately 110 million people wear prescription glasses in the United States of America.  Of course these numbers would soar once you consider the total number of people wearing prescription glasses around the world.


The Google Glass piece would still go around the prescription glasses across the right eye but it would allow the individual to snap photos, shoot videos, be notified about incoming text messages, and a numerous amount of other capabilities accompanying Google Glass.


Iran Nuclear Deal has Skeptics

In other news, the United States of America and its negotiating partners; Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia have made a deal with Iran that would last until July dealing with their nuclear program.


The goal of this deal is to buy time so that a final agreement can be reached regarding the Iranian nuclear program.  These world powers are hoping to present an agreement to Iran ensuring to cap their uranium enrichment at level well below the necessary amount to produce a nuclear weapon.


With this interim agreement being accomplished until July, many people are skeptical about the success the world powers will have.  Approximately 60% of American adults believe the 6 month interim agreement with Iran is a good thing but only 47% believe a final deal will be achieved once the 6 months are up.


A lawyer, Lance Hughey, had some thoughts concerning the Iran nuclear deal.  He said, “From a diplomatic standpoint, it would be great to be able to negotiate and come up with a solution that would eliminate the chance for nuclear weapons for Iran,”


He continued to say, “Iran is a difficult country to trust…And the leadership that we see out of D.C., the way things have been conducted with Syria … I don’t believe (the president) has the leadership skills to deal with Iran.”  So we will see if the majority of America is right in about 6 months.


Obama sets the stage for the Antichrist

Speaking about the leadership of the United States, a Baptist minister Robert Jeffress has said he believe President Barack Obama is paving the way for the Antichrist.  The Antichrist is a man mentioned in the prophecies of the Bible who is to obtain a world dominion and bring about a new world order.


Many people have taken this to be a mere publicity stunt in an attempt to promote Jeffress’ new book dealing with the subject of the end times.  However there are others who are not letting this blow over.  Two Biblical scholars were questions about the claims of Jeffress and they had interesting input.


Darrell Bock, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, said, “believers are to keep watch and be alert” concerning the second coming of Jesus Christ and all that goes along with that but the timing is unknowable.  He elaborated the US is not mentioned in the Bible and past end time prophecies have all failed.


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president Paige Patterson said, “Identifying specific politicians with the antichrist of the last days is clearly absurd,” but added Jeffress was generally on point.


Patterson continued to say, “The rapid expansion of the powers of government and the growing dependency on the welfare state set the stage for the antichrist, since that is precisely what he is forecast to do…Dr. Jeffress is not personally attacking President Obama. He is simply attempting to explain to his people what is to happen next.”


As always it’s been a pleasure updating you on the events taking place in our world today.


I’m Anthony Vandagriff bringing you the latest from ETA News.