Fear: Weapon of Globalists

The False Crisis

Fear is an emotion caused by the threat of danger. For thousands of years, fear has been used by pharaohs, kings, monarchs, emperors, caliphates, presidents, politicians and even religious leaders to enslave the populace. Over time the process has been refined, but the objective has never changed. It’s all about control! In today’s society, the concept is simple and has been extremely successful. Promote a crisis, real or imagined, which creates fear among the people. Once that is established, declare that government oversight, gross taxation, surveillance and increased regulation offer the only solutions. You see, the goal all along is greater dependency on the government as the citizens’ protector and provider, which leads to more control. The crisis is used by a president, politician or religious leader as a means to an end. Consider the global warming or climate change hoax that is being promulgated worldwide. Global elites around the world are spreading the deception that mankind has caused the surface of the planet to increase in temperature due to greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide etc.) that humans have emitted. They warn that if this continues unchecked, the planet could experience all sorts of climate catastrophes. Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore met with president-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in an effort persuade him to buy to buy into their global warming/climate change scare agenda. Both men, among many others, are leading advocates of the global warming/climate change agenda perpetrated by the United Nations to redistribute the wealth of the world. Leo DiCaprio released his climate catastrophe movie, “Before the Flood” just prior to the election on November 8 and the sequel to Al Gore’s original climate scare movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” is set to be released in 2017. Of course, it didn’t work because Mr. Trump just selected a climate change denier, Scott Pruitt, to oversee the Environmental Protection Agency. These efforts are nothing more than ongoing propaganda, pushed by globalists to establish a world government.

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