End Time Events Generating Revival

World War 3, Peace Agreement, Temple Mount Sharing Arrangement, and More

On March 29, 1921, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke in front of 10,000 people on Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus, describing his support of Zionism and the founding of a future Jewish state.


In the 1921 Report on Middle East Conference held in Cairo and Jerusalem, Churchill is quoted as saying that if the Jews in Israel would work diligently toward their goal of establishing a Jewish state, then the Holy Land would turn into the promised land, as prophesied in the Bible, “a land flowing with milk and honey, in which sufferers of all races and religions will find a rest from their sufferings.”


Much progress has now been made toward the fulfillment of Churchill’s vision. However, Israel finding rest from suffering is still very elusive. Nevertheless, that day will come, and it may be closer than many people think.

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