Congress Moves to ‘Boost Israel Ties’

The Relationship Between the United States and Israel

The Bible prophesies that the United States will be Israel’s friend during the end times, which we are presently in.
However, President Obama has long shown what many call a hostile stance towards Israel, which was on display last Thursday as the White House partially rejected a trade bill for being too pro-Israel. In the White House statement, it specified its rejection of only one part of the bill that calls to strengthen bilateral economic ties with Israel and fight BDS efforts to boycott the Jewish state.
Obama also in late January issued orders to importers to label all products from Judea and Samaria as not being from “Israel.” Legal groups have argued the orders were not merely “reissued” as the White House claimed, but rather indicated a policy change instituted through deception, as the initial 1995 protocols only called to label Palestinian Authority goods as not being Israeli.
As the Obama administration comes to an end, the pendulum of U.S. policy appears to be swinging back toward Israel.
Congress has submitted a new measure urging the US to increase investment in Israeli security technologies and other sectors so as to counter the BDS movement that seeks to stir up an international boycott against the Jewish state.
There is a strong possibility that Israel will once again have a friend in the White House after November’s elections.

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