Cashless Society Shift

Do You Live in a Totally Cashless Society?

The Bible prophesies that every person will use a number in order to buy or sell in the end time. The shift to a cashless society is presently snowballing.
What percentage of your financial transactions do you conduct electronically? Could you live in a totally cashless society?
In France and Sweden, 59% of all transactions is conducted without cash. In Singapore, the figure is 61%, in Canada it’s 57%, in Belgium it’s 56%, and in the US it’s 45%.
Many nations are consciously attempting to move their economies toward a totally cashless society. Once nations become totally cashless, it will be so easy to implement the prophesied system where every person will need a number in order to buy or sell.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the end time is not coming. We are in the end time right now! Stay tuned for another critical edition of End of the Age.

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