Would You Like to Know the Future? You Can!

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Hundreds of prophecies in the Bible foretold of the First Coming of Jesus Christ, and He fulfilled every single one of them.

The scriptures contain almost 1,000 prophecies concerning Jesus’ Second Coming. Every major prophecy that is supposed to occur before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ has either already been fulfilled or we are watching precursors to each one in our news every day. It is essential for God’s people to have a clear understanding of these prophesied events.

Now You can Understand These Prophecies!

By joining the Jerusalem Prophecy College, you will receive cutting-edge material to help you increase your knowledge about the prophecies of the Bible.

Enroll in the Jerusalem Prophecy College today. Go to jerusalemprophecycollege.com to register and enroll in your first course.

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14 Responses to “Would You Like to Know the Future? You Can!”

  1. I am not here for a comment. I have been having dreams about the coming of Jesus. And Jerusalem and so many about Jerusalem it came to pass. But I wanted to talk to you about what I have been dreaming I feel like God is telling me something my heart tells me maybe you may know what it means

  2. Tilda Ketchum

    I love listening to your awesome knowledge of the end times, and thank you so much for allowing us to listen to these 14 lessons right here. God Bless You and your family in Jesus Name.

      • Today we can justify everything including paying to be taught ….
        But the Lord searches everything and does not deceive himself as us .
        We will have accounts to report on the nature of our motivations…

        • Doug Norvell

          In order to teach the information we have to pay for the cost of running the sight. Unfortunately running a Ministry does take money. I assure you that Pastor Baxter is not getting rich in the process. He lives a very modest life. He travels every weekend and does conferences, which are completely free to the public. We set up free bible studies at every location we teach a conference for. Thousands of people are being taught the truth of the word of God. We teach the lessons here at Endtime every Thursday night and we do it for free. The Lord has blessed this ministry very much and He has enabled us to reach a very big audience, the Lord has also given us amazing partners who believe in the Lord and His word and love this ministry. I believe in what we are doing here as well, not only am I employed here, but I am and have been a partner for many years. Are motives are not to make money, our motive are to win souls and teach others how to do the same. We are not forcing anyone to take any of the courses, they can learn of their own free will. Lord bless you

      • Pmmckane

        Correct. The bible tells us to buy the word of God and sell it not. If you are a child of God you should charge people to be taught the word of God. Did Christ Jesus charge anyone. There should not be any monetary gain t teach truth. We all have to give an account. I’m sure there will be many to try and justify this but it still isn’t godly. It is helpful to those that truly trust the Lord. But anyone else that’s selling it is just a hireling.

        • And again:

          James 3:1 Be not many teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive greater judgment.
          :2 For we all often offend.

          1 Peter 4:17 For the time of having the judgment begin from the house of God [is come]; but if first from us, what [shall be] the end of those who obey not the glad tidings of God?

  3. Sorry! Irvin Baxter I could care less about the tribulation. Either one or two things will happen, one is most likely I will die and go to be with the Jesus or Jesus will come and get me at the RAPTURE! This is something you use to believe, but someone changed your mind! Satan is alive trying to deceive everyone he can. Sounds like you bought the lie hook line and sinker.