Bulgaria: The European country still hoping to join the euro

The eastern European nation of Bulgaria has provided the EU with some much-needed confidence, forging ahead with more integration despite rising anti-euro sentiment across the continent.   Bulgaria, who’s been a member of the EU since 2007, wants to move forward with its European integration and join the euro area as soon as possible. The […]

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN

Western nations want to end the months-long paralysis at the United Nations over Syria by referring the issue of chemical weapons use to the entire UN general assembly, where Russia’s security council veto would not apply.The idea is to draw on a rarely used route first established in the cold war to transfer responsibility for […]

Russia to move air defenses to Syria ‘soon’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denied reports that Moscow will supply Syria with S-300 antiaircraft defense systems “soon” after a senior Russian official warned Israel that it would “suffer catastrophic consequences” if it attacks the systems.TASS News Agency quoted Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying on Monday Moscow had not yet decided whether […]

Why artificial intelligence might trigger a nuclear war

Why artificial intelligence might trigger a nuclear warWell before Terminator robots rise and attack us, AI could help us destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons, warns a new study. The news: A RAND Corporation report concludes that military adoption of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies could have a destabilizing effect over the next couple of decades and lead […]

Helping Asia’s ‘unbanked’ population join a cashless society

E-COMMERCE has brought convenience to many people across the globe. Ever since Jeff Bezos started back in 1994, e-commerce has been slowly inching brick and mortar off the cliff.Especially in developed countries, the adoption of e-commerce has been far more rapid compared to Asia. Reason being, a large percentage of the population in Asia […]

Ivanka, Kushner, Mnuchin to attend Jerusalem embassy opening

Some 250 people will join a US delegation to Israel’s capital for the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem next month, Axios reported on Sunday, including dozens of lawmakers, senior advisers to President Donald Trump, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.According to Axios, Mnuchin will lead the American delegation to Jerusalem, where the US is […]

The United Nations of China: A vision of the world order

China’s participation in the United Nations system is often viewed through a succession of single lenses: its use of the veto over the last few years (less often than Russia, but more than Western permanent members of the UN Security Council); its financial contribution (now the second largest, but this is a simple consequence of […]

Pro-EU candidate wins Montenegro’s presidential election: Pollster CeMI

Djukanovic — a candidate for the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS)— said his win marked “another important victory for (Montenegro’s) European future,” on Sunday, adding that the results confirmed voters’ “strong determination to continue on the European road”.The 56-year-old was favourite to win Sunday’s elections.Milos Nikolic, a DPS parliamentary deputy, told reporters at the […]

Senators introduce new war powers resolution days after Syria strike

Lawmakers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee introduced new Authorization for the Use of Military Force legislation to replace current war authorizations from 2001 and 2002 that have not been revised since they were passed.”There have been a number of efforts over the years to update these authorities, and while there is still work ahead, […]

Cashless restaurants like Tender Greens are rising in number

In January, Starbucks made one of its shops in its hometown of Seattle cashless, and Shake Shack, the gourmet hamburger chain, began testing cashless kiosks at its Astor Place restaurant in New York City in October. Both chains declined to discuss their experiments.SPONSORED BY GUNDRY MDUS Cardiologist: I Urge Americans To Quit These 3 FoodsSee more →Restaurant owners say […]