Sustainable Development Goals

How will Sustainable Development Goals Affect our World?

Cheryl: I watched on your archives about the four blood moons expectations because nothing seemed to happen on the 28th of September. I do know of one thing that happened, the Pope launched the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. This will affect the whole world including Jerusalem and I’m wondering if you knew about that?


Irvin: Yes, as a matter of fact I have all 17 items on the sustainable development goals in front of me in an article right now. It wasn’t just the Pope however, all of the United Nations voted for this, and so that now becomes the agenda of the world. And like you said, it was a huge thing. They developed development goals back in the year 2000, those ran out in the year 2015 so they came to this particular session of the United Nations to set new goals for sustainable development. They are trying to create a model world where there’s no hunger, no poverty, and everything is going to be an utopian world. The nations of the world have now agreed together to make that happen. I think we have some articles in our Endtime magazine concerning sustainable development, and we will also be talking more extensively about that in the future. There have been so many prophetic developments over the last couple weeks that it has been absolutely impossible to come close to dealing with all of them, but what you’re talking about is a major development. It is the road that the World Community mapped out this week at the United Nations to lead the world over the next 15 years and it has everything to do with moving us into the one-world government of the Antichrist

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