One-World Government

Are people in the media hiding the one-world government?


Julie from Texas is concerned about this crucial subject.


Hello, I have a question about other talk radio; not your talk radio show but you know the general talk radio like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I have listened to them and I think probably all of your listeners have as well. My question is, I have never heard them talk about the elephant in the room, which is the one-world government. And I know they’re both smart enough to know that a one-world government is coming and this really troubles me that they only talk about the diversionary subjects even though they sound like they are for us. I’m concerned about the fact that they’re part of hiding from the American people of the obvious truth so I wonder what you thought of that?



Irvin: Julie, all I can tell you is the prophecies of the Bible scream. If they don’t believe the Bible, if they don’t believe the prophecies of the Bible, and I don’t know whether they do or not but if they do not, then they may even think that the one-world government is going to be a good thing because it is being sold in the highest levels that one of the biggest problems of our world is nation states. The teaching is (and this is something that is being embraced by President Obama, by the Bush’s, by the Clinton’s,) they say that every nation has its own army and consequently when there’s a conflict among nations that they go to war, and that we have to find a way to keep from going to war and their theory is that if we would get rid of the nation state and have one-world government and that one-world government would have one army, then that one army would not fight with itself and that would bring us a new structure to our world that would enjoy peace and safety. That is the theory that is being taught at very high levels, I know for positive. And I also know for positive the prophecies of the Bible explicitly state a world government is coming and it’s coming right now – very soon. So, I haven’t really noticed because I don’t listen to these a lot because I’m so busy preparing for my programs everyday, but I’m certainly glad that you pointed this out for me. I would like to watch for that. If they’re not referring to the emerging one-world government at all that’s a tremendous travesty, actually.

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