Is the Government Aiding Illegals?

Is our own government helping aid illegals to enter the U.S.?!?


Jim from Indiana wants to hear Irvin’s thoughts on a very familiar but controversial subject.

I married a Mexican woman and I divorced her when my daughter was two years old. I took my daughter with me and raised her by myself in a Mexican neighborhood. I have talked to countless Mexicans from Mexico and they seem to get help financially coming here to the United States it’s not like they just come. And there’s a thing called the “Hegelian Process”, which I think somebody must be doing – you cause a problem, rush in with a solution to further your own agenda, and it seems to me that somebody is helping cause this immigration problem because they want a national ID. I was wondering what you think about that?


Irvin: Well, there’s no doubt about it that we have welcomed immigrants. I just read an article this week that there is something like 41 million of them here, that doesn’t just happen. There has been someone that is encouraging this – mainly our government. Now one reason they’ve been doing it is because we don’t have the labor pool that they think we need. Furthermore, as the rate of reproduction goes down because we’re not having as many children as we used to have, then how do we get an adequate labor pool to compete with someone like China who has 1.3 billion people while we have a little over 300 million people? So there’s a lot of people who believe that that’s one of the motives even though they don’t talk about it. The politicians are all the time talking about building the wall but they never do for some reason. Now, a lot of people think that the Democratic Party wants the immigrants to come here because they vote overwhelmingly democratic once they get here. So, there are a lot of theories about why it is happening but it definitely has been encouraged. You don’t get 41 million people here without someone pushing it and there are many people who absolutely believe the Democrats have been all for the illegal immigration.

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