Is Germany in the Bible?

How do we Know the Leopard in Daniel 7 Represents Germany?

Jerry: How did you determine that the leopard represents Germany in Daniel chapter 7?


Irvin: In Webster’s online dictionary it says that one of the symbols of Germany is the leopard. Also, I understood the symbols of the lion, the bear and the eagle – those were easy. But I got stuck on the leopard. I was praying about it and I will never forget the day God revealed the leopard to me. I was in Melville, LA and I woke up on a Monday morning and just as clear as a bell it was like the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to go buy a newspaper.” That had never happened to me before and never happened to me since. I was so sure it was the voice of God that I jumped out of bed, got myself together and went outside to find a newspaper. I asked a lady where could I buy a newspaper, and she said, “You might want to go down to the local Café, they may have one.” I jumped in my car and went down to the café she directed me to. I was so sure that God spoke to me that I walked into the restaurant and headed straight to the newspaper dispensing machine, put in my 10 cents (which shows you how long ago it was), and pulled out the paper, the front headline read, ‘Germany to Sell Leopard Tanks to the Netherlands’. I investigated and found out the Leopard is the worlds’ number one tank and they call it the “Leopard Tank”, which made sense because I already knew we had a fighter plane called “The Eagle Fighter” after our U.S. symbol. So that was the day that I first knew that the Leopard represented Germany. Additionally, it also says dominion was given to the Leopard. There is one nation that has started the last three major wars – the Franco German war of 1870, WWI and WWII were all plotted, planned and started by Germany. Additionally the Leopard has four heads and all the rest of the beasts in Daniel 7 only have one head each. A beast always represents a nation or a kingdom, multiple heads on that beast represents the number of times that nation will rise and fall. We have the First Reich, the Second Reich, the Third Reich and now the Fourth Reich which is now rising. I have a book in my library called, The Fourth and Richest Reich which talks about the present resurgence of Germany. So all in all, there were several factors that went in to determining that Germany was in fact the Leopard.

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