April 3, 2013
War in Heaven

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  1. The Church does not come under the wrath of God. However, we may very well face wrath from many other directions, including secular government agents, Satan and his angels, Islamic jihadists, and sadly each other— Personally, I believe that the surviving Christians will go through the Tribulation, then “we who remain will be caught up.” I used to believe we would not, but a simple reading of the Bible changed my mind.
    Look up “FIRST” resurrection.
    Look up “LAST” trumpet
    First means there are no more before that one. If that is the Revelation 20:5 first, then we could not be resurrected prior to the end of Revelation.
    If Last means there will be no more of these after this one, then the last trumpet is either trumpet 7 or one after that. By trumpet 7, the earth is practically laid waste. What is usually called the Tribulation is winding to a close.

    Basically, I stopped reading the Bible as “only” speaking in symbols, and instead reading it as a clear message. Not a popular message for some folks when read like that, but what if that’s what God intended for His word?

  2. hmm, I thought that the “dragon’ had been cast down a long time ago, being as this world is literally going to ” hell in a handbasket” and I figured that it was he that was dragging as many as he could with him, knowing that soon he will be cast in the ‘lake of fire,’ and have just a short time…of course, he isn’t finished with his work yet, what with ww3 and the false prophet, and antichrist still to show their faces…so, this piece of news is interesting…

    • He was cast out of the 3rd Heaven, which is the throne of God; before our world was created. See Isaiah 1412-__, the morning star. Satan is only allowed in the 2nd and 1st (earth) Heavens. I believe a time is coming where he will get the boot in the second Heaven, which only leaves Earth. In perparation for the wedding feast of the Lamb.

      • from what ive read, i get that the battle of armagedon will be the final battle between gods army and the devils, and then they will be cast in hell forever.

  3. This is so awesome to have to read and to keep up with whats going on , but I must say when I see these things on the news it pricks my heart and draws me in and reminds me what is at hand and to stand with God no matter what!

  4. Oh my Lord, I pray so much that the US will turn back to honor and obey God, that God might remember our country in those days, that we might be a safe refuge for those His elect! In Jesus Name Amen!

  5. In total agreement. Until this battle the Satanic dominance over earth has been in what I believe is the 2nd heaven (the atmosphere) as Jesus refers to him as the prince of the power of the air. When he is cast down his dominion is cast to earth as well. I believe this means there will be a more physical nature to Satan’s effort (i.e. he is embodied in the “man of sin”) and there will be a whole sale demonic indwelling in those who are allowing themselves to be susceptible to demonic influence. Thus, the warning from Jesus concerning these perilous times, “Beware lest any man deceive you…” Much teaching needs to come forth in this area… thanks for your great efforts at doing so!

  6. I think Daniel 12:1 is not only about the nation of Israel, but it says every one found written in the book, I think that would include Gods Church whose names are written in the book.