February 3, 2014
Irvin Baxter with Benny Hinn

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  1. 11-9 1989 ending of the cold war (fall of Berlin Wall).
    9-11-2001 beginning of war on terror.
    The center day of these two dates (hebrew calendar) is 10-10-1995. Isn’t it convincing that the central Intelligence directors name was TENET.
    10-10-1995 is Sukkot 1 (Feast of Tabernacles)
    10-10-2014 is Sukkot 1 (Feast of Tabernacles)
    10-10-680 is the day of atonement of (First Ashura) Islam.
    10-10-732 was the greatest most significant day in world history (besides the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus) as the islamic invaders into Europe were defeated at the Battle of Tours france.
    10-10 is the day Yul Bryner died (Pharoah King of Egypt).
    There’s tons more… 10-10-2014 is going to be interesting!
    The movie Frequency (A story about a Father and Son) talking between two time points) starts on 10-10.
    God Bless! This is a faith injection for you.

  2. What scripture indicates the rapture will be at the end of 7 years? Jesus steps onto the earth then but in the rapture believers will be caught up in the clouds 1 Thesselonians 4:17 – not the same event. Matthew 24:36-42 states no one knows the date or hour and that it will be as in the days of Noah; Noah and his family were given a way to escape the flood. If the rapture happens at the end of the 7 years 1)we would know when it will happen-the days are numbered at this point 2)it would not be as in the days of Noah (yes people would be going about their daily routines but those who found favor with God – Noah’s family- was spared; one was taken, one was not Mt. 24:40.) Also, Revelation 9:20 states 1/3 of mankind will be killed (WW3) – and yet those remaining did not repent. If you have already repented are you one of the ones that are killed in this 1/3 of mankind because if you already repented you wouldn’t have to repent again? Only the deceived (non-believers? believers should not be deceived) will take the mark of the beast. God expects us to take care of our families and therefore need to be able to hold jobs, He expects us to pay taxes (give unto Caesar) and therefore our government has all our info already. What would keep our gov’t from handing our info over to the One World gov’t? So it would make sense that the rapture occur before the tribulation and that those who are left would gladly take the mark except for those who repent and are converted during the tribulation, realizing it is a trap. When 1/3 of mankind is killed there will mass chaos, maybe looting, riots – will we be snapping up jobs that have been left vacant and hitting the Taco Bell on the way home from work, business as usual? Or will people be standing in line 24/7 to get their “beast” chips implanted so they can eat? That’s if there is any food – if there is nuclear war a lot of ground will be toxic, a lot of farmland lost – a lot of workers gone, less mouths to feed. I’m trying to understand why Irvin Baxter (who I love btw) believes the rapture is at the end of the great tribulation.

    • Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:29-31 that the rapture would occur after the great tribulation; that settles the timing of the rapture. As for your next question, Paul addresses that the timing of the rapture and second coming of Jesus is in fact the same thing in 2 Thess 2:1-3.

      God Bless!

  3. How does the cutting of the heads of thoes who do not receive the mark of the beast come into play in the tribulation period? Will it be islam since its well know the currently practice that?

  4. I have really enjoyed the teachings of the end times.i ordered the series three weeks ago , and when I call to inquire about the dead dr. Don’t lie that I had ordered 8weeks ago ,I ask about this series and was told that it has not been ordered so I canceled the order I’m still waiting for dr. Wallace book. I love you and has traveled several to see you when you was in New Jersey . I will continue to support you when I can . Please pray for me and my family.

  5. Day 1) I believe that the United States very well may be the plucked eagles wings but after that is where I have to use some caution because the wings (Plural) are plucked and the Lion (Singular) stands up upon his feet as a man and man’s heart was given to it, (Singular), not to them (The 2 Wings). This interpretation may be correct but I reserve some doubt about it at this point. The Lion Great Britain may go it alone with the world government and the wings may appear in the form of an eagle later on as in Rev. 12 and be found protecting (The Woman) Yisrael.
    America and Yisrael are governed by secular governments and the religion of the people is secondary. The religious people in both countries are not high up on their lists to please, so Yisrael may remain under our secular protection and still have room for the religious people to be sanctioned and even persecuted. So the United States may become those eagles wings that protect Yisrael during that time of trouble because YHWH wills it.
    The people of YHWH both Jewish (Yisrael) and Gentile (USA) & including the myriads of Ephraim that are found scattered among them, may have divine protection from the worst of the tribulation if Irvin’s interpretation is correct about America being the eagle..
    them may have a covering during the Great Tribulation – Time of Trouble – Time of Jacob’s trouble

    • TYPO correction: they may have a Divine covering during the (Great Tribulation – Time of Trouble – Time of Jacob’s Trouble), in both countries.

  6. THANK YOU! Ignorantly I use think that the end of days is coming. The end of days is HERE! From now on I am going to tell as many people as I can.

  7. Benny Hinn and Mr. Baxter both are false teachers…they teach things that are contrary to the word of God, for example some mysterious rapture that is no where in Scripture!! Benny claims that he has power which God direcly says would end 1cor 13:8-10…but the point is…when Jesus comes back that’s it…why would God give someone 7more years?? The 2000 year old prophecies this man talks about has already happened in 70 AD

    • Hi Billy. I understand your statement and it is true. The word “rapture” is not in any Bible translations. However, the event is clearly described as the translation of the saints. It is a word that has been coined to to cover that event. So, effectively, it is in scripture.

    • I can honestly say I disagree with you…I have been listening to Irvin for the past 2 years and have learned MORE from him then any other person out there preaching the gospel…Irvin preaches the word as it should be and EVERYTHING he says, he backs up with scriptures….also, Irvin does NOT pick and choose only those verses he likes or thinks someone would like….nor does he water them down….I urge you, listen to what Irvin has to say, listen to what scriptures he gives, then pick up your bible and read the scriptures for yourself…it would also help if you were to either get the 14 DVD set of understanding the endtime or see if someone in your area has them….in order for you to be able to do that, all you have to do is click on the main web page, then click bible study link and scroll down to your state….it has people listed there that has the DVD set and is set up to do the bible studies with you….God Bless

    • I have never cared for Benny but you can not lump Irvin in with him. I have listened to Irvin and supported him since 1997 and he has always been consistent and a very gentle and Godly man. Humble I might add. There are a few points that I may differ on with him but I agree with him way more than disagree. I have spent over 30 years in the scriptures and a good deal of those in prophecy study. It is still an unfolding of revelation of which much was sealed in Daniel’s day and has remained sealed until the time of the end. It is unfolding before our eyes in current events and coming into focus more and more with every news headline or world event.
      You are much in error by not understanding line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little and rightly dividing the word of truth.
      Many places in scripture that foretold a coming exile or destruction of Yisrael were written in such a way that if you read on, they blend into last days prophecy. You know this by reading the whole chapter. You see things that have never occurred as of yet like the Messiah ruling and peace on earth, no more wars. There were no chapters or verses in the original so you are often reading line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.
      Isaiah 61 is a great example of a prophecy with a gap in it. In Luke 4, Yahushua reads just a portion of the prophecy concerning his mission and stops after only a few verses. This day is this scripture fulfilled in your hearing…then he closed the scroll. The rest of that prophecy is about his 2nd coming and kingdom. I could cite dozens of examples but I have already typed to much. YHWH Bless you Irvin and thank you for your integrity since 1997 and all that I have learned. SUPPORT ENDTIME.

  8. I sent this message to 40 people on my mailing list! What would happen if we all did the same to help those who are struggling with bible studies and salvation…herewith what I sent.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    We are all given distinct talents, capabilities, leanings of occupation/leisure interests in our lifetime. Year 2014…What a time to be alive. You may or may not know I have been a student of Biblical prophecy since the age of 30 years when I took a real good second look at The bible.

    Today, 2/8/2014 in my facebook postings and e-mails, I was so pleased to see that many current days’ ministries are banding together on the study of end times. Not to dampen your hopes and scare you, but our Creator believes it is good to be “wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove”. An inquisitive mind has been with me since my early childhood and has never lessened as I matured.

    Whatever your wonderful day holds for you to do today, please take some time to review these four videos about 28 minutes each so that you can have a better understanding of things happening on the world stage RIGHT NOW. Perplexing — with all the recent upheavals and even our own government’s role in current times, & past history of the world that are taking place every day. Kerry in Israel this month is a key element in bringing several things to come to pass. Hold on to your seatbelts.

    The perplexing Book of Revelation will be very understandable due to the excellent method of these men speaking at this interview and interpreting done by Irvin done on these short videos. This is Irvin Baxter’s gift…A very gifted minister and teacher just for THESE END TIMES. Enjoy and have your eyes wide open…you will feel more secure after hearing this series which was originally only going to last two days and ended up being 4 days. And then a real blessing it was on Facebook in total with all videos of the four days interviews. Peace! (if you buy any of his DVD’s they are excellent!!!)

  9. 8 Adamic souls- Noah,his sons and their wives where the lineage was not corrupted so that God’s plan of salvation was intact and Jesus could be born (Luke 3- natural lineage of Jesus, Matthew 1 is the royal lineage of Jesus) however there were races of people on the ark so that they would not become extinct… Please people study the first 10 chapters of Genesis… 2 Timothy2:15 tells us to study to show thyself approved… and rightly dividing the word of truth… Sorry if this offends and I will get off of my soapbox… Jesus did say as recorded in Matthew 24 that it be the same as it was in the time of Noah…

  10. Regarding mark of the beast, the bible states, the last days will be like the days of Noah, in the days of Noah, where nephlim had corrupted the DNA of all human race, no one was pure, so God had to destroy all human race except Noah and his family, because their bodies were not corrupted, but as per your message you said that the micro chip would be the mark of the beast, how can a chip or similar thing corrupt our bodies?

    • In order to receive the mark of the beast, you will have to pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ and the New World Order, and reject Jesus Christ. It will be a spiritual corruption rather than a physical one.

    • How u’d know it’s the chip is at the place where they’ll be implanted. The right hand or forehead. Many people wont suspect it is the chip n would willingly receive it cos at the start, they wont be forced to. They’ll take it willingly untill the time for its enforcement. I already saw it late last year 2013.

      • Don Michael, I don’t know if you realize it but “the chip” is already here. A pastor friend of mine was in Arizona on vacation back in the 80′s. They stopped into a grocery store and were standing in line behind someone from the military. This man was asked for method of payment and he swiped his right hand across the scanner to pay! Most recently, a woman from Florida was in the news for having “the chip” in her forehead. She is quadriplegic. This chip contains the ability to read all her vitals and can track her location. Everyone is taking it willing under guise and it is being presented as a good thing. Well, it is right now. But what will they be able to do, that they haven’t told us yet, until so many have already taken it?

  11. NBC nightly news caught my eye tonight when it showed Putin lovingly caressing a live leopard. Irvin might be interested to see how much the bear and leopard seemed to enjoy one another.

  12. I watched you with Benny Hinn all week. I would love the dvd set in its entirety;however, I am forced to wait a while. One thing that caught my enterest was the “length of days” that you spoke of. There is a hint of uncertainty there. Not in you of course, because yours is an unction of the Holy Ghost, and your wife. Just a lack of evidence. Anyway, to get to the point. I am from the mountains of east Tennessee. Just a country girl, but God gave me a revelation of this some time ago of which I still benefit from. It can also be researched by just taking a little time to talk to a few grandmas, and great grandmas. If you ask the right women, mine of course being little old farmers, they will tell you in measure the things(chores) they were able to accomplish in a days time. Example, my grandma has stated, more than once,how she would wake, milk the cows, cook breakfast for 5 kids, do her laundry by hand, hang to dry, do her ironing, work in the garden , can the fruits of the garden. . , and the list goes on. Grandma would then say, ” It seems now like there isn’t enough time in the day.” Of course not, because there isn’t. I first began my reasoning, better, had an unction while studying art in school. How in the world did Michael Angelo in his lifetime ever complete so many works of art and sculpture? Think of it. How do I benefit from this revelation as further proof to me? On days that I seem to have a million things to do I will ask God. “Father, I know you have shortened the days, and I have alot that I need to accomplish this day. Will you please slow time for me today and lengthen this day I pray?” I recall a day in the summer when I mowed our yard, did laundry, hung it to dry, worked in the flower beds, washed my car, etc., and thought to myself that I must stop now and get ready for another engagement I had. I needed to begin preparing at no later than 4 o’clock. As I looked at the clock on the porch, I was amazed that I had completed all of my chores and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon. Does it sound impossible? Yes . . , but not with God. Linda . . . . . . .Your awesome by the way. . . .Also, another thought . . . Could this numbering with the mark to buy and sell play a part in kindling God’s anger as it did when David numbered Israel? I call this a thought for my thinker. ( :

  13. So excited to see the things I have been talking about my whole life are finally here. Hold on to what little strength you have for a while longer. PTL.

  14. I’m a little late getting these posted. Thanks to my pastor’s wife, Rebecca Hargrove, for sharing this link that reminded me to do it:)

  15. Our God, He is almighty. He tells us each second, each time , each day and year. It is all our responsibility to hear Him and respond. Those who are real Christians pray for those named Christians but not Christians and the world. He never leave the world without a testimony. Glory for God.
    may God bless you pastor benny Hinn and and Dr Irvin Baxter. God uses our brothers ,that is you for this time. We know what is going on now. “Knowing is responsibility” may God help us to give our will to work with Him.
    God Bless you all

  16. This was great! Thank you for sharing — was clear, understandable, and most logical of current, past, and future events as they relate to where we are now in history.

  17. God gave me A vision 12 years ago about his return. I saw Jesus coming down out of the heavens on a cloud in the shape of a hand, every eye will see And every knee will bow. The vision was overwhelming so I couldn’t see any more. I was in the hospital in 2012 three times. On my second visit my heart was heavy and when i seeked God, asked how many more months until he comes back like he showed me, He said 22. That would be May this year. End times is so important to me. I believe everything that can be shaken will be and the world as we know It changes drastically.

  18. Right with you on your teaching Irvin. Something I feel the Lord showed me is that the woman (Israel) brought forth the man child. This isn’t the Lord Jesus. This is the woman in our day. This is the 144,000 out of Israel that will be saved and taken up to the throne of God before the great tribulation. This is the ten thousands time ten thousands that return with the Lord. This is why I supported your College in Israel. Will this be where the 144,000 are taught the Word of God?