September 18, 2013
The Antichrist and a Peace Agreement

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  1. I might have a clue who the Anti Christ may be. I don’t like to steer away from the Holy Bible when it comes to end time prophesy, but if you look into the quatrains of Nostronamus, he predicted that one of the minor Anti Christ would be Hitler but he misspelled his name. He pronounced it Hister. Now with that being said Nostronamus did also predict the Son of Perdition by name, and that name is Mabas. None of Nostronamus’s writings have been proven to be false or they have been proven to be true either. His writings and vague descriptions of his propheseys make it all subjective. If we look at the current actors in the current peace agreement you can see clearly his name is the news. Could this be him?

  2. Yes this 7 year covernant that will be in place in Israel next year is the one. It needs to be signed first before it can be confirmed by the lawless one. Jesus has told many that he is alive today and I almost ready to appear to the world. Ricardo Cid from Chile was taken to Heaven 2 years ago and he asked Jesus if we are on midnight yet, or if it is one min to midnight etc. Jesus answered him that here is no more clock left in Heaven because time is over. Jesus told him that this world is only on a tiny bit of time left from the Father called the time of Grace. That was 2 years ago so how much closer now? I can honesty say time is over and the rapture is so imminent it can happen any moment without warning.

  3. I,m confuse it with this interpretation in Daniel 9:24-27,. Some scholars interpret the “He” that confirm the covenant with many is a referent to Jesus…”What covenant?…The new covenant that Jesus fulfill in the cross half way of the seventy week..Luke 22:20…According with them, a half way of the week Jesus break it it down the old covenant of sacrifice and ofrens..Thanks

  4. Get ready because the Holy One of the Earth is raising the Women who rides the beast, the Anti-christ, and the False Prophet. He is raising them, because they are hiding who they are and he is forcing them to reveal themselves, so that he can strike them before the whole earth. The women on who rides the beast set off a scroll in Daniel 12:..A abomination was set off- this is the releasing of Satan…God is preparing the bride of Satan she will ride the beast..The women will ride Satan ………her crimes are the same as Satan’s. When you see these people tell them that the chamber is opening and Satan is coming to get his people..These three people are going with him, we are going with God. You will be shocked what you are going to see is the kingdom of heaven for the first time opening and who is opening it because of their crimes..The Holy people will be saved all 12 tribes will be saved…They are going try to control the Holy People from entering eternal life, because they are scheduled for eternal death..

  5. I originally posted this to the wrong article

    Brother Baxter,
    I enjoy listening to your radio discussions. I have a question.
    In your opinion, If Putin were the anti-christ, then could Pope Francis be the false prophet? Since they are on opposite ends of the spectrum: Putin is anti-gay…..and Pope Francis is very accepting of the gay folks. I would love to hear your opinion. Keep up the good work of informing everyone and helping God’s chosen people. God bless your ministry.


    • This is a hard question to answer because there are too many variables. We can make assumptions about who the Antichrist will be but we can only build on an unstable foundation. Also when trying to figure these things out so far in advance we forget that some things are subject to change. The Pope could change his belief and so could President Putin. There are just too many possibilities when dealing with who the Antichrist will be. The best thing we can do is continue to watch and wait. God bless.

    • NO! I wish people would stop thinking this…If anything I think Mr. Baxter is right, the anti-christ will come from the middle east somewhere, for this is where the mess is going on now, and it is heating up quite nicely and according to plan…watch and see what these peace agreements are going to do…personally, I can’t wait until this happens then we will be on the road to salvation, even tho it’ll be an extremely difficult time for all of us.

  6. I learned tonight at church that you are coming back to Madison, MS., the Pentecostal Church there. What are the dates of your visit here? Thank you & God bless!

  7. In Acts 2:19&20 tell’s about in the last days, they will be signs or wonders in the sky above, a quote from the prophet Joel. I have been hearing alot about the 4 blood moons coming in April 2014 to, I forget what mo. in 2015. I know that only God knows when the 2en coming is going to happen, but we will know the signs when it’s very near. OK my question is, are these blood moons (in your opinion) something to be looking for.

  8. Once the peace agreement is sign, will this be the 7yrs until the return of our Lord. Is the 7 yrs our time or the Lord’s time, as u know 1 day our time is 1,000 yrs in God time. God Bless .

  9. I got on Nationwide radio this past Friday on End Times Ministries. I asked Rev Irwin Baxter about Daniel 7 and the little horn (almost ever scholar says is the AntiChrist). I agree somewhat, it is the nation that rises which will produce the AntiChrist. I agree with Rev Baxter on almost everything He is a great prophecy teacher and Christian. However, In his answer to my question Rev Baxter says the 10 nation coalition of the Holy Roman Empire has not yet arisen. However, a 10 nation coalition has already arisen in history – and USA was born shortly after – Ten Circles of the Holy Roman Empire

    To hear my question and his answer, go to about minute 26 to hear Stuart’s question to Irvin Baxter – link below.

    Here is my question to Irvin Baxter on End Times Ministries

    Love to all,

  10. Mr. Baxter I was listening to another minister teach about this same scripture and he was teaching the agreement has already been made but it has not been implemented as of yet. He points to the wording of Daniel 9:27 that states, “He will CONFIRM THE COVENANT with many for one week.” The person teaching this says the, “OSLO ACCORD” is quite possibly this covenant, which has already been signed but parts of it have not been implemented. Just wondering what you thought!

    • I do not believe this can be the case because once the agreement is signed there will be 7 years until the Battle of Armageddon. I do not see any exceptions to the given in the Scriptures. God bless.

  11. How is that scripture interpreted as a peace agreement with Israel? Israel is a very small nation and a very small number in the world population. How then can the covenant be so narrow as to be only between Israel and Palestine?

    • I saw the show on mon where Mr. Baxter explained about the covenant that God had with Israelites, because of Sara’s husband believing in God and doing as He asked by putting his son up for sacrifice. God then knew he had a ‘winner’ and made this promise… this makes perfect sense to me…this area is God’s chosen area, and when He makes a promise He keeps it.