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Churches nationwide make plans for soft reopening with fewer attendees, sanitation stations

  After holding online-only services for weeks due to mandatory social distancing rules, many churches around the nation are planning to reopen while taking all precautions needed to check the spread of the coronavirus, according to reports. In Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson on Friday announced his plan to reopen the state from the coronavirus shutdown […]

Biden Will ‘Direct the U.S. Department of Defense to Allow Transgender Service Members to Serve Openly’

Former Vice President Joe Biden says that if he becomes president he will restore the policy followed during the Obama Administration that allowed transgender individuals to serve openly in the U.S. military. “In June 2016, the Obama-Biden Administration overturned the ban on transgender individuals serving openly, without hiding their gender identity,” says “The Biden Plan […]

Iran’s President Says Tehran Watches US Closely, but Won’t Start Conflict

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Tehran was closely following US activities, but would never initiate a conflict in the region. Rouhani’s comments, which come at a time of rising tension between Washington and Tehran, were made during a telephone call to Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Iranian state media reported. […]

Trump: I’m Not Pressuring Governors to Open if They Are Not Ready

“They know when it’s time to open and we don’t want to put pressure on anybody. I’m not putting any pressure on the governor to open,” Trump said. The president cited New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as an example, currently the focus of the majority of coronavirus cases in the United States. Cuomo announced his […]

President Trump Announces Reopening of Some States as Soon as April

“The day will be very close. … It’s going to be very, very close, maybe even before the date of May 1st,” Trump said. The president reaffirmed the reopening dates would vary from state to state, depending on the level of coronavirus infections. “Actually there are over 20 that are in extremely good shape, and […]

Russia ready for hypersonic missile talks with US, says Lavrov

Russia is ready to discuss hypersonic missiles and other arms control issues with the United States as part of wider discussions about strategic stability, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday. Cold War-era arms control agreements have been in jeopardy as Russia‘s relations with the West have soured in recent years. In August 2019, the US pulled […]

US Flexes Military Might Near Russian Forces In Provocative F-35 Flight Over Syria

The U.S. military flew their new F-35 stealth jet over Syria’s skies this past week, as they display their strength in front of the Russian Armed Forces who are only a few kilometers away from the American troops in the eastern Euphrates region. In a tweet on Monday, the Special Ops Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent […]

Severe tornadoes that tore across the South over the weekend into Monday have killed more than 30 people and destroyed homes and businesses, further demoralizing a population reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hundreds of millions of Americans are under some variation of stay-at-home orders in every state in the union, with all 50 states also having active disaster declarations—the first time such a crisis has ever swept the nation in her nearly 250-year history. The president has called the decision to reopen America for business the biggest […]

U.S., UK brace for soaring death tolls as pandemic bears down

The United States and Britain braced for one of their bleakest weeks in living memory on Monday as the social and financial toll of the coronavirus pandemic deepened. New infections in Italy, Spain and France showed signs of slowing, but hundreds of patients were still dying each day. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was […]

U.S. expands Navy presence in Caribbean. Is military action against Maduro more likely?

When President Donald Trump weighed the options earlier last year to address the political and humanitarian consequences of Nicolás Maduro’s tight grip on power in Venezuela, he realized his harsh rhetoric against the South American leader was not backed up by a show of force in the region. That was corrected Wednesday, as Trump, surrounded […]